America’s Cup – Race 13 and 14 [Open Post]

Morning everyone.

From 8am TVNZ is streaming it here.

Peter Montgomery will be calling it live on Radio Sport here.

America’s Cup Virtual Eye is here.

First up, this photo was sent ?to us from one of the Portaloos at the AC village in LA yesterday.


Oracle still?Team New Zealand have the favoured Port entry in the start of the race for the first race today. ?Unless Barker can contain Spithill’s desparation, we could be following them around the 1st mark again in a repeat of previous races. ?The wind looks fine today, so all things being equal, we should see a positive result for TNZ today.

The wind was blowing quite strongly earlier in the morning, but it has dropped to a light breeze. ?Both boats have reconfigured for lighter conditions. ? We may not see any foiling. ?We’ve not seen racing in these conditions, so we have no idea which boat is going to run better.

The race start has been postponed for an 8:20 start due to the start line alignment issue.

Oracle win the start by 20m.

Oracle take the first mark by 100m.

One third down the first leg, Oracle lead by 89m. ?Oracle has both hulls in the water while TNZ are flying a hull and are closing the gap.

TNZ are flying now, 10 kts faster and quickly extend their lead to 400m halfway to mark 2.


Wind could spoil this for either team, but it is starting to look like the TNZ boat is performing better under these conditions as Oracle fails to lift a hull while TNZ is able to.

Team New Zealand lead by 600m approaching the 2nd mark.

Oracle trail 1:42 as they round mark 2 and TNZ lead by 512m.


Even though TNZ leads, the wind can still make any two of these boats a winner of the day. ?Oracle has more speed and has closed to 380m one third of the way to Gate 3.

Oracle appears to have a gear failure with their Code 0 sail and TNZ are sailing away. ?They have a knot in one of their sheets!

Two thirds down, TNZ now lead by 775m.

There is a race time limit of 40 minutes, and TNZ are currently running a minute late…


TNZ are now racing against the clock now as Oracle round the mark



Looks like the race rules will be the winner again as we have only 7 minutes to complete the race, but still half the beat and the ‘sprint’ to the finish to go.

Halfway down, TNZ are flying a hull, they are 1130m to go but only 5 minutes left to finish the race.

It is becoming clear TNZ won’t be able to make it inside the 40 minute race limit.

Unless the wind picks up for race 14, we may still need to race tomorrow as well.


The race has been officially called off due to the race having exceeded the time limit. ?See you for the next race at 9:30 when Oracle gets the port entry.

4 minutes to the start of Race 14 with a better breeze. We should see a result for this race.

Barker wins the start after a very aggressive Spithill start.

TNZ lead by 3 seconds around Mark 1.

Both boats are foiling at 1/3rd of the way down, with Oracle trailing by 80m

Oracle got a good bit of wind and have taken the lead…

TNZ copped a penalty and have to slow down. Oracle now lead by 124m.

After closing the gap to 0m, TNZ did a double gybe and lost a lot of speed. They rounded 20 seconds behind Oracle.

In a very uncharacteristic move, Team New Zealand just aren’t getting the boat speed allowing Oracle to extend their lead to 280 almost halfway towards the 3rd mark.


Halfway to the 3rd mark TNZ trail by 150m.


Oracle have their tails up as they lead by 580m approaching Mark 4.

Oracle cross the finish line almost a kilometer ahead. Team New Zealand limp in 1:24 later.

TNZ 8 – Oracle 3. TNZ need 1, Oracle 6.