America’s Cup – Race 16 and 17 [Open Post]

Morning everyone.

From 8am TVNZ is streaming it here.

Peter Montgomery will be calling it live on Radio Sport here.

America’s Cup Virtual Eye is here.

Personally, I’m finding this hard. I have no idea how the boys on the boat and the extended team and families are processing this.

In the unlikely event we lose this cup 9-8, this will be a worse defeat (to me) than The 2007 RWC Quarter Final loss to France in Cardiff. ?Let’s hope today makes that fear unwarranted.

The start to the first race has been delayed to 8:45am. ? I wonder if that leaves enough time for a 2nd race today if one is needed. ?There just wasn’t enough wind to start the race and complete it in 40 minutes.

The conditions do appear to favour Team New Zealand.



Let’s hope Poseidon is smiling on Team New Zealand today.

Oracle left TNZ for dead at the start as they accelerated away at 5 knows more boat speed to lead 5 seconds around the first mark.

Halfway down the leg, Oracle lead by 200m.

Oracle had a bad gybe as they approach the 2nd mark, allowing TNZ to close to 70m.

Team New Zealand trail by 13 seconds as they go on a split course up to the 3rd gate.

Oracle slowly extend their lead to 170m halfway to the third mark. It is hard to see this becoming a proper boat race from here, although anything is still possible.



Oracle lead Team New Zealand by 19 seconds at Mark 3 as their lead fluctuated between 140 and 160m.

I experienced an Internet outage and wasn’t able to live blog the rest of the race.

Team New Zealand lose, and as I suspected, there is no time for a 2nd race today.