America’s Cup – Races 11 and 12 [Open Post]

Morning everyone.

From 8am TVNZ is streaming it here.

Peter Montgomery will be calling it live on Radio Sport here.

America’s Cup Virtual Eye is here.

Racing is on, and TNZ have the Port end entry to the start box.

Barker looks like he’s in control of the start.

TNZ are off the line first and is deliberately in Oracle’s way – TNZ round first, 3 seconds ahead.

At the first cross, Oracle trail ?TNZ by 100m.

Halfway down to gate 2, TNZ and Oracle are pretty level in performance, with TNZ’s lead fluctuating between 60-120m

TNZ Round Gate 2 to the right, and Oracle split to go left after 6 seconds.

Oracle is doing better out to the left and have passed TNZ by 60m, but TNZ have starboard advantage.

TNZ tacked on top of Oracle and they had to bounce back to the left, meaning TNZ continue to have starboard advantage.

A third down the beat, TNZ cross and are 127m ahead.

About halfway, TNZ is 110m ahead as the boats are performing similarly and current and wind aren’t favouring either approach right now.

Wind has dropped to 16 knots (from 18) with peaks at 20, so TNZ are more likely to benefit.

With a third of the beat to go, TNZ have grabbed another two boat lengths for a 150m lead.

Oracle picked the right side and closed the lead to 30m at the cross but TNZ moved away after that.


Some excellent sailing saw TNZ sprint ahead putting 160m and 16 seconds in Oracle as they round Mark 3.

TNZ are putting more distance on early in the beat to mark 4.



The boats are doing 35-36 knots upwind in a 17 knot breeze.

Halfway to the bottom mark, TNZ are 250m ahead as they foil at 35 knots.

Bar a mistake of gear failure, Oracle are running out of race track to take TNZ down.



Oracle stalled at mark 4 and TNZ leads them around by 18 knots.

TNZ win by 284m and 14.8 seconds.

ONE more… 🙂

See you in 35 minutes.

For Race 2 we are right on the limit of racing…


We’re still on time for a 9:15am start at this stage.

TNZ will have the starboard (less favoured) entry into the start box – the start is Oracle’s to lose…

TNZ won the start at the exact moment the race officials call this race off. The wind was just too strong. TNZ were dominant, racing past Oracle on the way to the 1st mark, and the race officials reported that the wind had exceeded the limit and the race was called off.

Dear oh dear…

We’re 50/50 on any further racing now, and Spithill has had a look at what he can expect next time.

The wind is just too strong, and further racing is unlikely to happen today.



Team New Zealand win one, and the weather wins one.

Team New Zealand 8, and needs one to win the Cup. ?Oracle 1, and needs to 8 to win.

Tomorrow morning at 8:15am we’ll race and see TNZ finally take this trophee home.