America’s Cup – Races 17 and 18 [Open Post]

Morning everyone.

From 8am TVNZ is streaming it here.

Peter Montgomery will be calling it live on Radio Sport here.

America’s Cup Virtual Eye is here.

Before we get started today, one of our readers sent us this

Hey Cam,

I was reading blog just now on WO about AM Cup. Had a mate call me this morning asking about it as he arrived home early hours from Thailand where no coverage of racing on TV.

He asked why I thought we were losing now after a good run to start.

I replied that I felt we were never really as fast as Oracle, and that we have merely capitalised on a point in time where Oracle was in massive disarray.

Oracle – fresh from points deduction and lost crew – goto a race series having never competed against anyone except themselves.

– they were in a mentally difficult hot place, dispondent and ‘down and out’;

– they found their boat sucked up wind which wast to say we were faster but that they configured the mode wrong;

I reckon they wallowed in self pity for 5 races before Spithill pulled the wild card and asked to regroup.

They pepped talked themselves, added Benny Ainslie for confidence and re-moded their boat and came back strong.

The reality is if they never had the cheating scandal we might not have got such a long run of wins. If they were confident and fighting fit mentally they would have removed their boat earlier.

The pivotal was when Jimmy Spithill called the wildcard.

In reality without that scandal we probably were never going to beat them. We see them now on form and they are miles faster. We simply caught them at an opportune moment and seized an advantage.

If we win its by chance. Sad to say, we simply are now seeing that with good mental space and true boat correctly moded they are simply faster than us.


At this stage we’re good for an 8:15am start. Oracle have the favoured port entry to the start box.


Wind is fresh at 16-18 knots with peaks over 20. The 2nd race may be in doubt, but the first will be on and will showcase the boats at their best.

Oracle have hooked TNZ and Team New Zealand have been penalised. Another crash between the boats can another penalty to TNZ. TNZ are dead in the water as Oracle get to the first mark about 10 boat lengths and 16 seconds ahead.

That was a shocking start to race 17. Judging by previous races, all TNZ can do now is hope for a breakdown or crew mistake on Oracle.

Oracle lead by 400m halfway to gate 2.



Oracle take gate 2 by 29 seconds.

The lead has been closed to 280m halfway down. TNZ are doing some good sailing, but a bad start and two penalties are very hard to chip away at over such a short course.


Oracle lead by 19 seconds and 350m around Mark 3, so they took 10 seconds out of Oracle.

Halfway to mark 4 and Oracle have extended to 400m. This race is over for Team New Zealand.


Oracle lead around Mark 4 by 17 seconds.

TNZ have the measure of Oracle in these conditions.

We just need to win the start…

TNZ have given up and limp in 27 seconds after Oracle.

Oracle 7 – TNZ 8

Race 18 is on for a 9:15am start.

They’re in the start box, and the whole of New Zealand is urging TNZ to have the best start ever, on record…


It is now or never for Team New Zealand. ?They won the start and are leading Oracle by 120m halfway down the beat.

TNZ is looking for a split at mark 2 as they gybe a 41 knots leading 140m and 7 seconds as Oracle rounds.

One third down, Oracle have taken the lead by 65m as they outpace TNZ upwind.

Half way, it looks like this


There is little left to say that gives TNZ supporters hope. It is time to consider how to be graceful in defeat.


Live blogging will now cease 🙂

8 – 8 tomorrow. But it really doesn’t look like TNZ are in the game.