America’s Cup – Races 6 and 7 [Open Post]

Morning everyone. ?In 30 minutes we’re going to see if Team Miracle USA have found the secret to beating Team New Zealand.

From 8am TVNZ is streaming it here.

Peter Montgommery will be calling it live on Radio Sport here.

America’s Cup Virtual Eye is here.

Oracle start with a new Tactician on board.

A light wind day today – it will all come down to good sailing.

Oracle once again win the start.

Oracle lead TNZ by 9 seconds at the first mark.

TNZ clawed back 100m to a boat length due to a poor Oracle gibe.

Both boats have different foils (sails) for the lighter winds today, so it will be interesting to see how the boats perform.

TNZ cross 80m behind Oracle approaching mark 2.

It normally all happens between mark 2 and 3…

Oracle lead by 12 seconds at mark 2.

TNZ have closed the gap and have starboard advantage.

Oracle cross BEHIND Team New Zealand!

Next cross, Oracle will have right of way…

Oracle are back in front by half a boat length, TNZ might have to cross behind…

TNZ cross in front again! (but the next cross will have TNZ on port)

TNZ leads by 10m, with Oracle still needing to tack. This is looking pretty good in the middle of the beat to the 3rd mark.

TNZ lead by 90m and the boats are out of phase.

The boats have started a tacking duel, and TNZ have extended the lead to 130m


TNZ are essentially outsailing Oracle, picking the shifts and gaining a little every time Oracle tacks.

As they approach mark 3, TNZ are on the layline leading by 170m but Oracle still have a tack to go.

TNZ are on the foils having rounded the 3rd mark 44 seconds ahead of Oracle.

Aaaaaaaaaaaaaaand TNZ are gone. 500m ahead already as Oracle sail the boat poorly and come off their foils.

NZ are just minutes from the 4th mark and then a sprint to the finish. They are maintining their 500m+ lead, so it looks like race 6 is now in the bag.

TNZ round mark 5 42 seconds ahead of Oracle and are sprinting to the finish.

TNZ cross the line… 5 to -1 – 4 to go.

Final lag is 47 seconds.

See you soon for race 7.

Welcome to Race 7. TNZ lead Oracle 5 races to minus One *snigger*

The wind has picked up to 16 kts


With the breeze up, TNZ should do a better job doing the time-distance run at the start line, although I think they are trying to just keep clear from any collisions or penalties and count on their superior skills and boat to pass them again.

TNZ wins the start, running at 40 kts…

TNZ rounds Mark 1 ahead of Oracle. Finally!

TNZ lead by 70m halfway up the beat.

Oracle stopped foiling for a while, TNZ lead by 90m as they are on the layline for mark 2.

Oracle are looking for a split tack after rounding hoping to catch a better shift.

Oracle trails by 7 seconds at mark 2.

One 3rd up the beat, TNZ lead by 180m.

Halfway up the leg, TNZ now lead by 322m.

TNZ are approaching the 3rd mark, 400m ahead.

TNZ rounded the 3rd mark 56 seconds ahead.

TNZ lead Oracle by a whole kilometer when Oracle rounded the mark.

With about 5 minutes of the race left, TNZ lead 1.2 km.

TNZ round Mark 4 1082m ahead.

Oracle round Mark 4 68 seconds behind as mere seconds later TNZ cross the line to win SIX versus MINUS ONE.

Oracle comes in 66 seconds late.