America’s Cup – Races 8 and 9 [Open Post]

Morning everyone. ?

From 8am TVNZ is streaming it here.

Peter Montgomery will be calling it live on Radio Sport here.

America’s Cup Virtual Eye is here.

The weather may be a major factor today as forecast fresh winds and strong tides may cause the postponement of racing for the 2nd race – perhaps even the first. Whatever racing does take place will be at top speeds so it could be some hair raising stuff ahead as we cross our fingers and hope no serious gear failure spoils the campaign.

Team New Zealand wins the start.

TNZ rounds first mark by 3 seconds.

Halfway towards 2nd mark, TNZ lead by 80m.

Split tacks as TNZ lead by 8 seconds at the 2nd mark.

Oracle stays in touch with TNZ lead fluctuating between 20-80m. Oracle is closing.

At the moment Oracle aren’t making mistakes, and the boats seem to be performing similarly. They are close enough for a real boat race right now.

Halfway to mark 3, Oracle have got their nose in front, but will meet TNZ on starboard.

TNZ nearly capsized and have stalled. Also got a penalty.

TNZ now trail 235m as they approach mark 3.

Oracle lead TNZ around mark 3 by 28 seconds.

TNZ may have lost hydraulic power to lift their board, causing the near-capsize.

TNZ trail by 720m half-way to mark 4.

Oracle are looking like a tight unit. Some impressive racing, and they have their tails up.

Oracle are off to the finish as TNZ round mark 4 48 seconds behind.

The score now stands at a genuine 6 – 0 as TNZ cross the finish 52 seconds.

Wind-wise, race 9 should be on. Question is now if TNZ will use their postponement card as they feel they can’t trust their boat.

Dean Barker says they are checking the boat, but everything is looking good for the next race so far. Doesn’t look like the postponement card will be played.

Dalton is back on board… the fact that he hasn’t been on board for both our losses so far is now pushing myth and superstition into near-factual proportions.

The race has been delayed for another 5 minutes while the wind is just over acceptable limits for the race. Race start currently at 9:25 NZST.

The race is on.

TNZ leads the start.

Great start by Dean Barker and TNZ leads Oracle by 4 seconds at mark 1.

Oracle trail by 20-40m, but there is essentially little in it halfway to mark 2.


Oracle trail by 6 seconds and boats are on split tack. Oracle will have the right of way when they get back.

Race is abandoned due to the wind being too strong when TNZ were leading Oracle by about 80m.

There won’t be any more racing today.