America’s Cup – Races 9 and 10 [Open Post]

Morning everyone.

From 8am TVNZ is streaming it here.

Peter Montgomery will be calling it live on Radio Sport here.

America’s Cup Virtual Eye is here.


We may not see any racing today as the weather conditions exceed those agreed to for racing to start.

Wind 5 minutes before race start is 18.2 kts, so the first race is on.

Oracle controlled the start and were off the line 2 seconds ahead. TNZ trail towards first mark.

Oracle lead TNZ by 4 seconds at mark 1.

Halfway towards mark 2, Oracle lead by 140m, and they are flying.

TNZ Trail Oracle by 18 seconds at the 2nd mark. They are on split tacks, Oracle going right.

A third towards mark 3, Oracle is looking slightly faster

Halfway towards the third mark, TNZ trail by 320m.


Oracle leads TNZ by 300m and 33 seconds by mark 3.

It’s not looking like we can catch up in this race, unless Oracle make a big mistake.

TNZ trail 700m just a couple of minutes into the 4th beat.

Halfway down the 4th leg Oracle are 750m ahead.

This is a totally different boat race. Under 18-20 kts wind, Oracle’s boat and sailing really looks like it has the edge on Team New Zealand right now.

Oracle win race 9 by 990m and 47 seconds. Damn.

Team New Zealand 6 – Team Oracle 1. We need 3 more, they need 8.

Race 10, we’ve had a race delay due to the pre-start wind being over 21.4 knots for a period of 30 seconds or more. Currently reported at 21.5. Start time is now 8:26am.

The race is on. Barker got the favoured port entry into the start box. We’re counting on a TNZ win for the start.

Oracle pushed TNZ too close to the line, and they are off with Oracle taking a slight lead. TNZ just held on for the overlap.

Oracle asked for a penalty, and it has been declined. TNZ lead oracle by 144m a minute past the first mark.

Halfway to mark 2, TNZ lead by 150m. TNZ get to choose which way they will round Gate 2.

Oracle did a very poor rounding at the 2nd mark (sorry, I missed the delta) – TNZ lead by 150m.

Halfway to mark 3, TNZ lead by 124m as the lead fluctuates between 80m and 130m depending on tacks and extra pressure.

As we approach the 3rd mark, Oracle has closed the gap and TNZ had to cross behind.


Kiwi’s are back in front as Oracle has to dip. Can TNZ hold on?


Oracle lead by 1 second around the 3rd mark.

TNZ lead by 190m halfway down. TNZ forced Oracle to dip because they had the right of way, and then TNZ powered away.


An 11 second lead as they sprint towards the finish leading Oracle by 300m as Oracle had a poor rounding.

TNZ wins race 10 by 340m and 17 seconds. (Phew!)

Team New Zealand 7 – Team Oracle 1. We need 2 more, they need 8.