Amy Adams vs Clare Curran

Clare Curran must surely be a contender for the worst MP in parliament ? and that?s no mean feat.

Last week she demanded the Government sort out the issue with Transfield not paying its ultra-fast broadband contractors.

Amy Adams must step in and ensure that people working on the taxpayer funded ultra-fast broadband roll out get paid and that the sub contractors who pay them are not left in the lurch, Labour?s communications and IT spokesperson Clare Curran said today.

So, that?s exactly what Amy Adams did. Although it?s a fair bet that Adams was already smashing heads behind the scenes before Curran caught up with the play

Adams made it very clear to Transfield that she wasn?t impressed that they were trying to get out of paying its contractors.?

Communications and Information Technology Minister Amy Adams has made it clear to Transfield Services that she expects the company to pay its contractors as quickly as possible

It is my expectation that Transfield Services should be looking to make these payments without further delay.

Transfield Services needs to explain exactly why this situation has developed, what it is doing to resolve it and give an assurance that it will not happen again.

My spies at parliament tell me that Adams was absolutely furious with Transfield?s behaviour and made her thoughts very clear to the company.

Once Transfield realised how pissed off Adams was, they quickly went from saying they would pay the contractors in October, to saying payment would be made by today.

But then Curran comes out with another bizarre press release, cobbled together, no doubt, just for the sake of saying something.

The Government quickly stepped in to make sure Transfield?s paid its subcontractors in an attempt to stamp out more bad news about its ultrafast broadband programme, Labour?s Communications and IT spokesperson Clare Curran says.

Curran? needs to learn that unless you have something decent to say, then just STFU. Like a lot of Labour MPs she feels like she has to put out a press release on everything, even if they end up looking stupid because they actually add nothing to the issue.

Sometimes less is more.

My parliament sources also tell me that Crusher Collins has been passing on some of her wisdom to up-and-coming Adams.

Word is from those who have experienced first-hand or seen others piss off Adams in the past, is that she is quickly developing a reputation for not taking any bullshit. Cross her at your peril.

Some are even calling her the silent assassin. Those who have crossed her will know what I?m talking about.