Not anti-smoking, anti-big tobacco

In an article about e-cigarettes you can see that the troughers and health busy-bodies involved in anti-smoking initiatives aren’t at all interested in health benefits, they are instead focussed on the big tobacco companies.

In New Zealand, scientists, doctors and public health workers are split on e-cigarettes. One half say we should steer clear of the latest addictive offering, lookalike cigarettes that keep smokers on a nicotine leash still held by Big Tobacco.

The other half say what the hell: if it helps people quit, why not go with it??

The irony is that e-cigarettes have come about because of the draconian anti-smoking laws that these pricks lobbied for. So manufacturers have worked out a way around them, by developing and marketing vapour only cigarettes that remove all the harmful by-products of burning a plant by delivering the nicotine in a harmless a way as possible.

All the smoke free legislation and rules are rendered inoperative by the march of technology…and all the tactics used to push for those bans don’t apply…there is no smell, there is no harm, there is no residue…leaving spurious and lame reasoning like that above as a reason to block e-cigarettes.a

The stupidest reason of all is saying that e-cigarettes will become a gateway method to access real smoking…stupid…they won’t. Who would want to breathe in smoke, tar and other carcinogens from an old fashioned cigarette when you can have an e-cigarette and in a flavour you prefer?