Attention Seeking Fat German promises grandstanding again

I see the fat German criminal is grandstanding again:

Internet millionaire Kim Dotcom has vowed to help fund Team New Zealand’s next America’s Cup campaign.

The team’s future hangs in the balance after Oracle Team USA retained the Cup in San Francisco yesterday, with boss Grant Dalton’s position uncertain and the Government yet to confirm whether it would fund another tilt.

The Government stumped up $36 million for the latest campaign, but Prime Minister John Key yesterday said decisions were yet to be made about whether it would help again. 

However, he indicated it was likely, and hoped to discuss whether another campaign was possible.

Internet entrepreneur Dotcom, whose relationship with Mr Key has been tense since the GCSB spying revelations, today said he would back Team NZ if the Government did not.

The Mega founder said on Twitter: “Prime Minister John Key says no more funding for Team NZ? I say #Mega will become a Team NZ sponsor & we will win next time. #AmericasCup.”

I love how they call him “internet millionaire”…why not “convicted fraudster”?

They should take his cash and arrange a signing in San Francisco…I wonder if he would go?


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  • niggly

    Hmmm does his promises of funding [insert cause here] ever come to anything?

    On the other hand if he did (and could) then Dotcom v Ellison & the clash of egos would be quite fascinating to watch :-)

  • Barry

    Grandstanding or not; this would be pretty awesome.

  • GazzW

    Keep your millions Dotcon. NZ citizenship is worth far more than you have stashed away.

    • Colonel Klink

      Team NZ don’t have to give him citizenship, just take his cash.

      I suggest they also use greg presland as the anchor when mooring the boat during the next campaign.

      • GazzW

        Citizenship would be his price Colonel.

      • Ronnie Chow

        Presland is too lightweight , matey . He could be the wind gauge though , as he is very sensitive .
        The anchor would have to be the entire Green Party , although that would drag us back .

  • Col

    No way could he get on the boat, bloody thing would roll over.

    • dyannt

      That’s the first thought I had.

    • Sidey

      With his dunce cap on he’d make a decent keel.

      • Col

        In the old J boats he would be great, just put some extra lead up his bum. I can see him with the hat, I m still laughing.

  • Colonel Klink

    Cool , let Dalts know and he can go and see Sergeant Schultz when he gets back to NZ and hit him up for $50 million

  • Peej

    Whatever floats his boat i suppose.

  • Steve R

    Yeah !!!!!! Fatty saves the day again Ve are such a lucky country .

  • Will this be before, after, or during the delivery of another high speed international Internet connection?

    And as a person aspiring to create, head and operate a political party, can we assume these are now policy statements, personal or business proposals?

    • maninblack

      he might have afforded all this well mega upload was running.. but how does he pay for it with no income..

      Also- would that make the NZers the beneficiaries to the proceeds of crime..?

  • He can stick his money up his arse. We’ll find the funding without his help. Unless of course he promises to go to San Fran to support the team….

    Sick of Billy Big Steps brown nosing the gullible kiwi public. He’s seen how much people talk about Larry, and the egotistical cunt wants a slice of the action.

    How about no. Hopefully he’ll be shut away by then.

    • Whafe

      Comment of the day Travis…. It sickens me the media give this guy any air time…. It is shocking

      • Mr_V4

        Does this include Whaleoil blog? The nowmgo to source for all the latest movements (short of bowel movements) on Fat Con.

    • IntrinsicValue

      Totally agree.

  • cows4me

    Perhaps he’s hoping they race mono hulls again, he can get a job on the team, he can be the keel.

    • DLNZ

      From racing catamarans to cargo liners :P

  • Igotta Numbum

    Go check out Vietchy’s FB posts…. something going down in San Fran!

    • I’ll help you out

      • Igotta Numbum
        • Farrk, this is starting to sound like Nadzeya Ostapchuk all over again. Thanks for the link. Very interesting reading.

        • LinkinHawk

          Link doesn’t work.

        • GregM

          Detective Greg M has been watching this closely. The rules say you can’t change the foils during the regatta, well check these photos out, both photos sailing upwind.
          I think, correct me if wrong, race 3 and race 11.

          • If I recall correctly, they said they had 2 sets of foils?

          • GregM

            correct but not the ability to automatically adjust the angle of attack. The buttons on Spithills helm are basically “bow up / bow down” same as the power trim on an outboard, with automatic compensation to keep the bow height the same.

            There is definitely legs to the rumours.

            Good link on foil design here:


    • Rat

      His partner down the stairs ?….seriously, Vietch..oh come on…

  • Jeef

    Slater, you’re not that slim yourself. And I’d have thought Dotcom’s libertarian view of the world should fit your own!

    • Liberty

      “libertarian view of the world should
      fit your own”
      Get Real
      Property rights are not his strong point.

      • Mr_V4

        Whale a libertarian, thats a laugh!

  • DLNZ

    Its gonna be a fucking mess when the cops turn up in the middle of a race to reposess the boats if he’s found guilty….

  • thor42

    I wish the scumbag would GTFO of here. I’m sick of hearing about him.

  • thor42

    I suggest a movie called “Once were Sailors”, starring Temuera Morrison as “Dean the Muss” and Rena Owen as Beth.



  • James Growley

    This land-lubber piece of blubber will do anything to get his mongrel mug in the news. Does he have any substantial sums of money left that are not frozen, or the authorities are not actively looking for?

  • James Stephenson

    Blowhard sponsoring yachts…why wouldn’t that work?

    But anyway, Billy, where’s our fibre cable to Australia?

  • Cadwallader

    Fatt-Kraut can fund a new weightier class of yacht…Panzer Klass designed to sail anywhere other than USA!

  • Sir Cullen’s Sidekick

    I love it !! FactCon Team New Zealand – FTNZ!! The boat won’t even get off the starting mark :-)

    • Won’t get off it? Won’t get TO it.

      • Sir Cullen’s Sidekick

        He he he!! FatCon as the major sponsor will demand to sit in the boat during racing. We need special electronic devices to balance the boat with FatCon on it….

        • We be needing more that special electronic devices.

          More like special flotation devices.

  • Rat

    Look on the bright side though…we know the Yanks computers wont be safe

  • Andy

    Hey Kiwis, I just downloaded dis really kool boat design from da Internet.

    • Sir Cullen’s Sidekick

      You made my day! Just to thank you, I have emailed you the latest photo of Fenton.

  • Mr Sackunkrak

    Why, oh fucking why do the media breathlessly blut out every brain-fart this fat cunt of a media whore has? Guys, he’s after reflected glory, stop being his enablers. The sooner the cunt is nailed into a crate and shipped to the States the better.

    • DLNZ

      He gives John Campbell something else to go on about apart from school lunches, thats why.

  • Hang him

    I see the fisher (Gobbels) is writing the PR releases for the Fatcon in the Herald anymore, did he get the flick for not making them glowing enough.

  • niggly

    Nevermind Dotcom, with all the interest (in SF and here) with the races, technology, computer graphics and NZ getting attention for its world class yacht design & building, the sailors etc (plus Ellison buzzing with all the attention this event is creating for him), perhaps Joyce could have a good old fashion beer and bbq with Ellison and strike while the iron is still hot … and suggest a deal to bring the boats down under this summer to Auckland for some races (then over to Oz afterwards).

    Ellison could sponsor, but for him he’s got money to burn and the technology and the boats are still in the limelight. So win-win for him.

    From a competitive sporting angle,his boat and ETNZ and crews etc, get to train and keep and refine their skillsets . Have others compete.

    For NZ the pluses are tourism, big spending by the yachties and NZ tech to the forefront of the world!

  • LesleyNZ

    Perhaps he wants to watch a boat race from Alcatraz?

  • Yeah, right, whatever…

    I suspect it’s gonna be pretty damn difficult to sponsor TNZ from inside San Quentin…

  • Mr_V4

    Firstly DotCom doens’t have enough money, you need to be billionaire with a B. Maybe DotCom could offer to waterski behind Oracle instead, that should keep their performance within defined parameters.

  • NJ

    That headlines kinda ironic coming from WO