Auditioning for the new girlfriend position recently opened?

Denis Rodman is back in North Korea competing with Gareth Morgan for the despot’s affections.

Flamboyant former basketball star Dennis Rodman will arrive in Pyongyang today for a five-day visit to North Korea, his second this year, but has said he has no plans to negotiate the release of a jailed American missionary.

There had been speculation that Rodman, who met North Korean leader Kim Jong-un in March, would secure the release of Kenneth Bae who was jailed for 15 years for trying to overthrow the North Korean government.

“I’m not going to North Korea to discuss freeing Kenneth Bae,” Rodman told Reuters in a telephone interview. “I’m just going there on another basketball diplomacy tour.” 

Kim, the third of his line to rule North Korea is a basketball fan and appeared to get on well with Rodman on the earlier visit, with the two of them pictured laughing, eating and drinking together and watching an all-star basketball match.

Rodman’s latest trip is being sponsored by Irish bookmaker Paddy Power.

“I’ve come out here to see my friend (Kim) – and I want to talk about basketball,” he added, speaking from Beijing, the usual transit point for flights into Pyongyang.

You know what I’d like to see…Kim Dotcom visit Kim Jong-un…and decide to stay.


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  • drummerboy

    “I’ve come out here to see my friend (Kim)…” – Rodman, your a piece of work aren’t you.

  • andrew carrot

    Roddy occasionally wears make-up and a pink tutu, so maybe there’s something in the rumour that he’s trying out for the position of Exalted Girlfriend (No.2) of the Cherished Leader (conditions apply, and final responsibilities and level of personal safety may differ from those advertised.)

  • Col

    Id be worried if Kim Con went over , he may send a missile JKs way.
    I can see it now Ve vill destroy zee world to gether what you say Kim con, fuck of Dot that is what I do. Bang! tat tat tat.

    • andrew carrot

      Re the reliability of North Korea’s weapons systems, why’d the chicken cross the road? To get away from a North Korean nuclear missile attack.

  • Agent BallSack

    Perhaps Gareth Morgan has a daughter since he’s over there extolling how great it is.

  • Jman

    Disgraceful. Pyongyang Dennis, doesn’t quite have the same ring to it as Hanoi Jane.

  • Ducky

    JK should shout fatcom a free trip to North Korea courtesey of RNZAF 1.(no return ticket though)