August Blog Stats

The latest Open Parachute statistics are out.



Thanks to the team here at WOBH we are number one again. But of course we couldn’t be number on without the readers.

Of interest, if you add up the stats of Number 2, 3, 4, 5 and 6 they still don’t surpass our numbers. Thank you all for your ongoing support. 

In the interests of transparency here are my Google Analytics statistics for August.

GA stats


And from WordPress…they are reading Whale Oil Beef Hooked everywhere.



Here are some comment stats:


Thank you to all our readers, commenters and most importantly to all those people who send me the thousands of tips, post ideas, emails, photos and support.

We have built and are building what I now consider to be the best political (and most feared) commentary site in New Zealand. We cover topics others fear to cover and allow (with only a few exceptions) open and unfettered discourse. It is now so much more than just a blog containing my personal views, it is a place for opinion shaping, breaking news and opinion.

I think the best motivator for me was when a “decent journalist, trained and skilled” declared we were irrelevant…how’s that working out for him these days?

I am proud of what I have started and what we have become…Onwards.


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  • Sym Gardiner

    And I thought my blog with over 2000 views had a busy month with its 6 posts – LOL!
    Congratulations. That is really really impressive with over 3m views. Completely dominating a market like this too.

  • Whafe

    Awesome work Cam, & team… Great to see these stats just reconfirming what we already know..
    Here comes the sun….. Love it…

  • Michael

    I looked on Alexa for NZ site rankings – your site gets more traffic than Air NZ’s.

  • opusx

    Actually…quite impressive stats, bearing in mind this is a wee little country.

  • AngryTory

    The crucial comparison is here:

    RadioCommunism has traditionally been seen as the most influential of all NZ media outlets – moreso than TV or newspapers – with the highest “reach” – audience overall plus beltway bureauscum. They’re claiming about 490k per month. Whale has 480k. In other words, Whale is already closely challenging for the position of most influential media outlet in NZ.

    This is emblematic of a decisive change in NZ society – away from 100 years of socialism and communism – towards private business and personal responsibility. In that light, it’s no surprise National is polling well over 50% – under FPP National would be on track for a third massive landslide – winning every electorate except a very few “slum” seats in South Auckland. The Hutt Valley & Christchurch.

    • Michael

      If it was a FPP election in 2011, and you assume that the voting proportion would be similar to the combine party and electorate votes – Labour would have lost the Hutt Valley. And all of Christchurch, They would keep most of South Auckland, Mana, and the two Dunedin electorates.

    • AngryTory

      So then: Onward to where?

      The examples here are Beppe Grillo – the Italian blogger who now holds the balance of power in Italy, the True Finns in Finland (duh), and UKIP in England. All of these have policies very similar to Whale – anti-EU, pro responsibility, hatred of bludging.

      The question is surely not if, but when we gave a Whale party.
      There’s still ample time before the 2014 election which would be great!
      It’s a pity but I guess 2017 seems more likely

      But there are something like 200,000 people who want to VOTE WHALE next year!

  • Bryan

    I see that Transportblog appears to be dropping down the list. They are starting to heavily moderate their comments section and actively deleting posts that don’t align with views of the few regular posters, not a good sign. That is why i like WOBH, even if u don’t agree with what is being written you are still able to say your piece without getting silenced, i think that is one of your strengths, freedom of speech and all. Keep up the good work.

    • AngryTory

      Yes indeed. Although frankly the unionists, communists and the odd anti-Jewish racist that stray in here should be silenced – but not by deleting their posts!

      • [MOD HAT ON], The inference that we should “silence” people that visit this blog because they don’t share our politics isn’t acceptable. Please choose your words more carefully next time. Your comments are frequently ‘robust’, and they are welcome. But comments such as the one just now, if repeated, will see you sidelined.

        • Administrative attachment – in case the original is changed.

  • blokeintakapuna

    Yep – NZ’s best, most informed and most influential, political bellwether blog… and that’s why the “tall poppy” hacks of yester-year business models obviously feel so threatened – even more so when you announce the blog stats that really shows them up!
    Brilliant work indeed!

  • unitedtribes

    Well done WO. Shows readers want the real story not the crap stewed out by MSM

  • unitedtribes

    3061 view from Poland FFS

    • CheesyEarWax

      Haha, i noticed that too. Maybe they like the anti-communist posts here.

  • Col

    Congrats WOBW.
    Why WO is successful is because it is a true believer in Free Speech, nothing comes near this Blog worldwide.

    • Out of curiosity, what does the last W stand for?

      • Col

        God do I need to tell a learned person like yourself, bloody hell anyone understands this, Whale Oil Black and White. Must be this new Arabic keyboard I have, fuck if I know, you got me, but that’s not difficult.

        • I’ve been called many things, but never God. Cheers.

      • Bunswalla

        It’s the Maori spelling – whooked

  • Really impressed with the content lately, you guys must burn the candle at both ends to get the most relevant and up to date content in the country.

    Best information outlet in NZ , You should get an Award guys and gals 8-)

    • Our reward is simply to have a growing audience. We can’t MAKE people visit Whaleoil. They have to do it voluntarily. To see the number of people doing that growing month after month is extremely satisfying.

      • 100,000 per month, You should be winning every AirNZ media award M8! , I doubt any other Media outlet can boast the same numbers.

        • blokeintakapuna

          Maybe WOBH can/should be nominated as a contender in the media awards?
          That would really get the “Decent, trained and skilled” churnalists in a right lil’ tizzy…
          Where do we vote?

          • Check this out ….

            I don’t think the judges are all that impartial …

            I.E. I have no idea but you could contact AirNZ direct.

          • Goodness no, that would upset the MSM. They wouldn’t have a bar of it. Actually, there would be a widespread boycott, bitiching, tears and outrage on twitter, facebook and articles all over mainstream news sites.

      • opusx

        Can’t you buy visits the same as ‘likes’ on FBI?

        • I know you’re kidding, but I’ve actually looked into this from the perspective of how other sites pay to have their popularity artificially increased.

          To people like me (data boffins), there would be clear ‘signatures’ to any site that does that. To turn that around, it would also be visible on Whaleoil stats.

          One of the reasons I like us to publish our stats is that they are achieved without skulduggery, and I want others to be able to see it. In fact, anyone who would like to advertise on Whaleoil can be given full access to all stats. ALL stats. It is the only way to do it.

          There is a major difference between purchasing “Likes” or “Followers” and doctoring traffic. The first are one-off campaigns the results of which remain. Doctoring traffic would need to be repeated month after month after month. Apart from the cost, it would also require an ever increasing commitment in effort (to simulate growth).

          The traffic stats would have to be driven in such a way as to not “fool” Google, or any other stats collection system – it has to look like a real visit. Secondly, it can’t all come from a handful of sources – it needs to be distributed via 1000s of different IP numbers.

          To keep this credible, they have to be mostly NZ IP numbers. If we suddenly have lots of traffic from India, it’s going to be a red flag.

          Next, you have to shape the traffic so that you suddenly don’t have 1000s of people on at 3am when you never had them before.

          Once you solve all those problems, you’re still left with the ever increasing monthly cost.

          In short – if all you look at is a total, then cheating is easy enough. But if you lay all your stats bare for people to analyse, and they are able to see what countries they come from, that the fact you have more UK visits when they are awake and more NZ visits when we are awake, and all those sorts of common sense behaviours, then cheating becomes so hard to do it is practically impossible.

          Whaleoil is now tracked by WordPress, Statcounter, Sitemeter, Google Analytics as well as Nielson. To consistently fool all of those at the same time in addition to solving the problems described above……

          it’s actually easier to grow the blog audience!


          • opusx

            Excellent, this is exactly the reply I was hoping for. A precursor for the hippies who may allege WO ‘buys’ its popularity. If I thought for one minute you guys actually did something like that, I wouldn’t be an avid reader and visitor to the blog. I like the fact there’s no bullshit about the blog…you either love the content…or you can go somewhere else.

  • maninblack

    awesome work whale- thanks for your hard work smashing pinkos bro.

  • If you add up the pageviews of the 2nd place, 3rd, 4th, 5th AND 6th place blogs, then the total is STILL not more than that of the 1st place blog.

    If this was a marathon, then Whaleoil would finish in 2 hours 8 minutes, and the 2nd place would go to Kiwiblog at 4 hours 32 minutes.

    Whaleoil isn’t just first, it is in a class by itself.

  • GregM

    Top work team, awesome, and a big THANK YOU.

  • kehua

    The Legend Grows, congrats to Cam and the Team on acheiving these Stats.

  • thor42

    Those are really interesting overseas figures, WO!

    Quite a following from the US, UK and Canada.

    Indonesia too!

    ( My bet is that the Indonesians are checking out my posts about Islam….. same for the other Islamic countries shown…… :) )

    • Nah.

      People don’t understand the true depth of loathing for Len Brown. It’s not just in Auckland you know.


  • thor42

    Do you have the full dataset for the whole world, WO?

    I’d *love* to see it (just out of curiosity). Looks like you even have readers in Iceland!

  • Chris

    Are there stats on the number of comments? That’d be interesting, too.

  • Chris

    It’d be good to see stats on the ratio of blogs to comments. I don’t think I’ve ever seen so many blogs on one site that have zero comments as The Jackal. Surely anyone else would’ve got the message and given up by now. Quite unbelievable.

  • David

    Well done Whale and the team. Keep up the good work!

  • cows4me

    It’s also great to see many new posters with new perspectives. I enjoy the laughs to be had at the expense of our lefty fruitcakes.

  • Mr_Blobby

    You mean onwards and upwards.