Awesome Attack Ad

One of the main reasons I love Aussie politics, is that when someone is down, almost out, and bleeding in the gutter they still go in for a good kicking just to make sure they are really dead politically.

This is the Liberals latest attack ad. 


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  • opusx

    Just brilliant.

  • ratesarerevolting

    Ha, the NZ politicians would last about 5 minutes in that environment.

    Not that I’d want the choice between Rudd or Abbott a right pair of fucking lying cunts !

    • Adolf Fiinkensein


    • Rex Widerstrom

      I share your dubiousness about the suitability and policy intentions of both, and particularly about the “talent” on their front benches.

      But can you point to where Abbott has lied? I mean calculatedly lied, not changed a policy position when the factors influencing that position have changed.

      Certainly all politicians have to – and should – change their position when the facts change sufficiently to justify doing that, and some of the examples used in that ad could perhaps fall into that category. But that’s politics, of course.

      But “there are no circumstances under which I will return to lead the Labor Party” isn’t a statement that need be resiled from if, for instance, economic conditions change. It is an unequivocal statement of one man’s intent.

      Just as ‘there will be no carbon tax under a government I lead” was one woman’s clear commitment. Right up to the point it wasn’t.

      If you don’t want to be called a bald faced liar, don’t tell bald faced lies. Simple, really.

      • Patrick

        Well said Rex, Abbotts opponents have done a good job demonising him but to a large extent their accusations are lies. On the other hand Rudd, Gillard & Labor (both Federal & State) have a long track record of lying & corrupt practices. Case in point Labor NSW, & any number of commitments made by both Rudd & Gillard, the most renowned being no carbon taxes.
        Let’s hope in another three years Abbott has shown himself to be competent, a man who stays true to his convictions & ethics. It shouldn’t be difficult to improve on the current rabble.

  • Col

    That could be the new add for the hopeful 3, who ever becomes the leader for Labour.

  • LesleyNZ

    Julia Gillard must be thrilled. Kevin Rudd did the right thing toppling her. He will pay the price. Julia can now relax and get on with her knitting whilst watching telly this weekend.

  • Macca

    If National tried making the same type of advert for all the broken/empty promises from the NZ Labour Party, it would be a full length movie! Sorry, my mistake, make that a 2 hour, 10 part mini series!

    • Patrick

      There is one Labour promise you can bet the house on – you will pay more tax

    • Daniel Church

      And it would rate so well they would have to commission a second series!

  • Guest

    Hollywood class productions. Well done Liberals – a great ad.

  • Daniel Church

    That is superb. If I were Australian I would definitely vote Liberal after watching that.

  • Mr_V4

    Similar to this ad against Newt Gingrich.