Botulism Siouxie

"Butilism" Siouxie Wiles

“Botulism” Siouxie Wiles

Every now and then someone comes out of the woodwork and sprouts off complete nonsense. Siouxie Wiles – or as she will now be known, “Botulism Siouxie” is one such person.

Botulism Siouxie just loves getting into the media. Slight problem though, she talks complete shite. Take the Fonterra botulism issue, where she blabbed non-stop with ghoulish comments that?failed completely to put the issue into context?? like there was no risk what-so-ever to babies.

Let?s take a look at how Botulism Siouxie loves scaring mums and dads of young children. She starts scaremongering in a blog post dated?4 August, ?Fonterra scare: the other side of Botox??saying:

Botulism is caused by the ability of?C. botulinum?to produce several neurotoxins (types A-G) which prevent acetylcholine from being released from the motor nerve endings causing flaccid paralysis and symptoms of blurred vision, drooping eyelids, nausea, vomiting, diarrhea and/or constipation and cramps. In severe cases it leads to paralysis of the breathing muscles and causes respiratory failure. Toxin types A, B, E, and F cause disease in humans while types C and D cause disease in cows, birds, and other animals but not in humans.?

Then, as government and health officials are starting to panic, on?5 August?Botulism Siouxie increases the scaremongering?saying on the Science Media Centre website:

?Botulinum toxin A is one of the most toxic substances known to man. One kilogram of it would be enough to kill the entire human population! Incredible then that this deadly toxin is voluntarily injected into the faces of millions in the pursuit of youth. They know it by its trade name ? Botox. But it?s not just used for treating wrinkles, botulinum toxin A is also used to treat spasms, migraines, squints, excessive blinking and excessive sweating.?

That sort of comment is bound to get MSM repeaters all excited. All panic and no context e.g. like not found in dairy / not found in NZ / no cases linked to infant formula etc.

Clearly on a roll, a day later on 6 August?Botulism Siouxie continues the scaremongering?saying:

Clostridium botulinum produces one of the most toxic substances known, University of Auckland microbiologist Siouxsie Wiles said.

“One kilogram of it would be enough to kill the entire human population.”

Hell?s bells, the world is coming to an end.

On 15 August, sadly?Botulism Siouxie continues the scaremongering?repeats and comments on the utter shite?from discredited Green Taliban Frank Rowson.

Even now Botulism Siouxie?continues to blog on the topic?and implies she?s an expert contact for MSM repeaters. Her inflammatory comments, repeated by most MSM outlets failed to put the actual risk into context and should be seen as pure scaremongering.

Hell, with comments like these from Botulism Siouxie, it?s no wonder MSM started kicking Fonterra in the slats.

Doubt whether anyone bothered to ask Botulism Siouxie where she got her original information from. Mmm, oh that?s right, the fountain of all knowledge?Wikipedia.

Next time there is a food scare can someone needs to lock Botulism Siouxie in a cupboard.