Cat. Tick. Fish. Tick. How about a bull?


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  • Muffin

    What was she doing to that bull?

    • Checking for loose change.

      Thank you. I’ll be signing DVDs of my show in the lobby.

    • JC

      Something every good Catholic girl knows instinctively to do if she wishes to avoid pregnancy.. or an assault.


    • P1LL

      It looked like a prostate milking , or a ball massage ?

  • RightOfGenghis

    Yawn, I think I prefer this one! Brace yourselves…

    • Orange


      • LabTested

        You may enjoy this better. Warning nobody was (seriously) harmed & no bulls had their balls rubbed, but is still pretty impressive Bull Fighting without hurting the bull

        • Orange

          Oh yes, that’s rather cool!

        • drummerboy

          if golf can be an Olympic sport this can!

  • opusx

    Um, Peter what meds are you taking at the moment? I’m sure there must be some subliminal meaning to this but I’m way to much of a dumb arse to figure it out.

    • 20 mg of Fluoxetine daily.

      But the real question is: Why is nobody able to stop me? Surely Cam should be having a word with me or something?

      • opusx

        I’m sure he trusts you to entertain us. I must admit to a bit of head scratching regards your vid choices lately…not by the vids themselves…but how the hell you manage to stumble upon them?

        • I’m plugged into the hive mind and have various sources. We also get lots of reader suggestions. A major source is Reddit, but it is a black hole of time wastage that I would recommend you do not get near.

          When we started this, I picked all the videos for the night. But now that we have Nick and James helping, and Cam also pitches in some days, I now am secure in the knowledge we are collectively able to bamboozle most people into wondering what on earth we’re doing.

          We try to make it a mix of silly, stupid, weird, interesting, profound, educational and inspirational.

          The Cat thing is an “in joke” for the blog. When Travis and I joined, we were given a set of instructions. They were simple, easy to understand and follow, and included: NO CAT PICTURES OR VIDEOS.

          I’m kind of going through a rebellious stage.

          I think there is one more tomorrow, and then the joke will have played out for a while.

          Just remember that if you see anything cat related that is even remotely cute or wholesome, it is against management’s wishes, and someone is at risk of having their virtual ****es kicked :)