Catgate: A reader responds

This contribution came via the Tipline.  Anyone want to guess who sent it in?


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  • Lesley

  • LesleyNZ.

    Ban her from the blog.

    And Pete for posting it.

  • Bad__Cat

    I thought I might get blamed for it! Nice one Leslie.

    BTW, Travis: “Nom Nom Nom” for your cat remarks.

  • Stuarts.burgers

    No not Lesley because they are angry and we all know that Lesley is such a peace loving person she could not bring her self to release such anger on the world that these cats display.
    ” Cute cats” would be more her stlye

  • Hazards001

    So not clicking that!

  • Honcho

    This should balance this rubbish out nicely.

  • GregM

    Got to be Lesley! I’m a “cat person” but some of those animals are clearly unhinged and need a tap on the head. Holy shit.

  • steve and monique

    Devil cats!. Things you see when you dont have a gun.

  • LesleyNZ

    Never mess with a cat! Well my cat just saw those cats and she just looked and thought – they need love. My cat is a darling and would never behave like those cats. My hubby said the one without ears had just looked in the mirror. Great laugh! I didn’t like the black one………………………..