Climate Change bullshit from the Herald

Isaac Davidson has an article in the Herald today about allegedly rising sea levels, in particular the unique scientific anomaly where water levels are rising faster in the Marshall Islands than anywhere else on the planet…yes I’m not kidding they really claim that.

The Marshall Islands have a population of 55,000 spread over 180sq km of coral atolls and islands.

*?2m above sea level on average.

*?Sea levels have risen 7mm a year since 1993, compared with a global average of 0.4mm.

*?Sea levels are expected to increase by up to 15cm by 2030.

Really? …Does Isaac know anything about fluid dynamics? How can a sea level rise faster in the Marshall Islands…than say Fiji, or Samoa?

Quite apart from the fact that this is impossible…go on I dare you to try and raise the water level in your pool in just one spot…say…at the shallow end…go on try it…add in more water at the shallow end…it should according to Isaac Davidson raise the water level just where you added the water…and increase it more than the rest of the pool.

But hey, let’s not let facts get in the way of a good story from the “decent journalists, trained and skilled” at the Herald.?

The Australian Bureau of Meteorology has been measuring the sea levels in the Pacific and the results are published on their website.

The 2010 report on the Marshall Islands can be found there also.

The report on the Marshall Islands shows a sea level rise of ‘+3.8 mm/year’ (Executive Summary, page 2).


This disagrees with the Herald’s figure of ‘7mm a year since 1993’. In addition to this it can be seen in figure 14 on page 26 that the rise in sea level occurred in 1993-1994 when the gauge was first installed, and that it has been relatively stable ever since (except for the drop in 1997/98 due to the el nino).


Having examined the observed empirical scientific data I’m interested as to why Isaac Davidson and the Herald can claim that sea levels have been rising ‘7mm a year since 1993’ when the science says it is around half of that, and why it is they neglect to mention that the rise only occurred in 1993 and there has been no rise in sea level in the 17 yrs ending in 2011?

Once again the media manipulate the facts and in this case ignore them to push the meme that catastrophic anthropogenic climate change if killing us all.

It is fanciful to suggest that water levels can rise faster in the Pacific Ocean at the Marhsall Islands, faster than anywhere else. The Pacific Ocean is, according to NOAA,?161,760,000km2, has a volume of?660,000,000 km3 at an average depth of 4080m and for some reason defies all known physics properties for water and rises faster in the Marshall Islands than anywhere else.

Have thes guys gy passed flat earth theory and moved on to concave earth theory?