Compact city gets the arse card after Brown flip flops

Policy Parrot says:

Going, going…….. gone!

Say goodbye and good night to the compact city as Mayor Brown pulls out of supporting the compact city by agreeing to density limits.

Mayor Brown has proven himself to be a flip flopper of the highest magnitude when he sold out his supposed convictions to smear himself grubby with a pot of the old political reversing oil and has provided the biggest backdown since Sonny Liston took a fall against Cassius Clay.

This Parrot says he should offer himself up to Aucklanders as a sacrificial lamb for failing to deliver his plan for a compact Auckland. Pull out of politics.

With density limits now in place the chances of the city compacting anywhere near the intensification targets proposed are nilch.

The plan for an intensified Auckland is in tatters.?

But wait. There is more! Just like a dodgy fitness infomercial more of Len’s promises are coming apart and the big one now looming is the CRL – Len’s train set.

Because the rail project is entirely based on estimations of suburban population density to support rail and therefore provide patronage for it to be a viable project.

That could only be achieved if no density limits permitted density along the corridor areas near the rail. Backing away from this density to limit growth in those areas means Len has just screwed his train set good and proper and because the Government money in 2020 is contingent upon a cost benefit analysis to make it stack up means its obvious that the trains are in jeopardy.

Add the housing accord and a spread out city and the only infrastructure likely to be built will be more motorways.

All because Len lacked the gumption to stick to his convictions.

This Parrot says the Mayor Brown has screwed his own plans, his own policies and what he sold to Aucklanders.

Len lured in Aucklanders on his promise to deliver a compact city.

He obviously doesn’t believe his own bullshit because Lenny doesn’t have strong convictions. He’d rather keep his job. Life outside the baubles of office is grim. This decision means he is scared of voters. Voters are unhappy with the Auckland plan to intensify. So Len’s principles and convictions are for sale and the price is pretty cheap. He’d rather be carried about in the limo drinking champers and opening parks than doing a real days work.

If this Parrot was the voting public who wanted a compact city this Parrot would feel sold out and would repay by voting for someone else.

Luckily this Parrot likes motorways and selling services to developers who like to sell overpriced handkerchiefs of land to dreamy young couples hocked to their eyeballs over Tupperware apartments (storage solutions for immigrants).