Cows interrupt the hunt


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  • Hunting on flat land. Surrounded by animals with ear tags.

    Hand in your man card, your wife (if he has one) and your firearms.

    • Michael

      There’s a change where he lives that he might need to drive 1000 miles to a mountain.

      • Dave

        No mountains anywhere around here, be a 3 day drive (four hour flight) to the nearest mountain :)

    • kehua

      Jeez it is a crazy country Travis , last time I was in Casper Wyo I saw deer strolling down the suburban streets browsing on garden plants and flowers during the afterrnoon. Boy was my trigger finger itchy.

  • Can your missus hunt?

    • Unless his mrs is Melissa Bachman his man card is revoked.

  • Bad__Cat

    I suspect he doesn’t do home-kills.