Cunliffe lies on Tax

David Cunliffe is becoming something of a liar in his quest to lurch left.

In the Q+A debate he stated:

DAVID?I?d raise the top tax rate, and I would also bring in a capital gains tax. And I would also close tax evasion and avoidance loopholes. Of the hundred wealthiest New Zealanders, the IRD says less than half of them are even paying the top tax rate.
What we did last time round was 39 cents with a pretty high threshold of $150,000, so we weren?t hitting middle New Zealand. We had a top rate for the wealthiest. We?ve got to be very careful to make sure that the trust rate is at or close to the top marginal personal rate, because we don?t want to create an avoidance-

This is a lie.?

Helen Clark and Michael Cullen put a 39% tax on what they described as the top 5% of income earners…they set the threshold at $60,000, not as Cunliffe claims at $150,000.

Will the media please pull this liar up on this? Unlikely, I’d say.

Grant Robertson is also proposing to whack people with higher taxes.

GRANT?I?m completely committed to having a fair tax system where people do pay their fair share, and I think the top rate can go up to the 39 cents. But in the end, taxation?s only part of the picture. Capital gains tax, sure, but we have to make sure that the economy?s growing right across New Zealand, not being driven by speculators in Auckland and not relying on an earthquake recovery. It?s got to be proper economic development.

John Key must be loving this…I mean reeeeeeally loving this. Labour will be going into an election proposing a raft of new and complex taxes…good luck with that.