Decent? Trained? Skilled? It’s laughable really

Bryce Johns has finished up as Editor at Herald on Sunday, he is the one who laughably complained about some posts of mine and said that his staff are “decent journalists, trained and skilled” and insisted I act like them.

He states in his final article:

You can be assured, however, the Herald on Sunday team will keep delivering for you. I’ve not worked with a more dedicated group, and acting editor Jonathan Milne is a driven man.

We face so many barriers to what we do, particularly the armies of PR spin doctors that inhabit so many of the institutions we report about. They outnumber the journalists, and some take great pride in blocking us in our work.

But they don’t often beat us and readers seem to know that – how else do you explain the paper having the best readership and circulation results in the country over the past three years?

Jonathan Milne is a good guy. I hope he can make changes and not act like a cock like his former boss. But speaking of the quality work that Bryce Johns is so proud of look at this article that is so full of fail. 

The headline for a start. Since when have 777s been jumbo jets? …that is a moniker reserved for the 747 aircraft.


Then in the text it states:

The plane had just flown nine hours and 40 minutes non-stop from Singapore. Airport emergency crews were not alerted because it wasn’t until the Boeing 777-300 was on the tarmac that ground staff noticed a section was missing. One astonished airport worker said: “A bite out of a wing had gone.”

The news comes as engineers investigate the loss of cabin pressure on another Boeing 777-300 flying into Auckland this week.

Yeah slight problem with that last sentence…it was a 737-300 that lost cabin pressure, on a domestic flight. Air New Zealand’s 777s fly internationally. Ontop of that the photo thy use is of a 777-200 not a 777-300.

See ya Bryce, don;t let the door whack you in the arse on the way out. Let’s hope Jonathan Milne can make a difference.


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  • maninblack

    haha suck on that pinko johns.

  • Bunswalla

    Bryce did make a difference; he took what was an innovative concept for an industry dinosaur and sentenced it to death by a thousand tiny “don’t care”, “fact-checking? what’s that?”, “interview your typewriter”, “political bias – not me, comrade”,”looks alright”, “noone will know”, all planes look alike”, “spelling is for loosers” cuts.

  • conwaycaptain

    Every house I have lived in since I was a small child in the UK I have had the national newspaper(s) delivered everyday. That is over 60 years.
    I have cancelled my sub to the Herald as it is a JOKE.
    It’s proof reading is a abominable, its reporting poor and any international news is printed above the by line for the Telegraph, Guardian etc etc.
    It is PAGES and PAGES of adverts and is really no better than a throw away suburban newspaper.

    • LabTested

      Going back a few years it was Sunday morning ritual to take the Mrs to the Cafe, buy the Herald & SST & have brunch while reading the papers. Now I would not pick one up even if they were free. It has been proven & proven again that it is a waste of my time

      • Bunswalla

        It was still worth it.

  • blokeintakapuna

    Another “Decent, Trained and Skilled” spanking handed out by Whale…

  • Richard McGrath

    That multi-fail effort with the Boeing jets is a perfect storm of laziness mixed with ignorance, topped up by arrogance.

  • deanobravo

    Is that who that is. Heard some guy on the radio this morning wanking on about some lefty bullshit something about rich/poor/gaps or something. Bryce Johns it was, had never heard of him, all I new was that he was a twat.

  • Tude

    Was he pushed, jumped or did he step sideways? It would be good to know so I don’t make the mistake of wasting money somewhere else.

  • snakebit

    bla bla bla poor people are cool, bla bla bla national are evil bla bla bla traditional values are dumb lets all smoke some pole…..yeah I’ve read all the stories…all the same.

  • steve and monique

    I used to work at the Waikato Times in the days of Mr Johns and used to verify and proof read death notices as well as writing the adverts and we used to get regular phone calls from the editorial department attempting to get names of the deceased so they could print them for their own selfish reasons but I would give them a right serve about showing respect for families and advising them the deaths had to be verified before notices would run, it didn’t deter them from trying though and they would try and ring through to get a trainee who would in turn, ask me anyway and the journos would get the right old piss off from me! Ambulance chasers the lot of em. You would think with all those underhanded attempts that they would still get facts right but why let that get in the way of a good story aye?