DoCs Submission on the Dodgy Socialist Dam

My sources in Hawkes Bay, the ministers office and DoC passed on the details of Nick Smith telling DoC not to pull their submission to the EPA on the dodgy socialist dam. I knew about this two weeks ago and have been waiting for Nick Smith to lie and for it to blow up in his face.

DoC?s real submission to the EPA Board of Enquiry said a whole lot of things that pissed off the socialists who want to use public money to build a Dam. So Nick tanked it, and has got caught doing so.

Submission details

The draft submission on the Ruataniwha Dam project said the Hawke’s Bay Regional Council proposal was an “untested” and “risky” approach to water management which could kill the rivers involved.

The submission leaked to?Radio New Zealand?said the council’s approach to managing toxins from intensive agriculture associated with the dam might not be sufficient to support life in rivers.

It also said the ability to reverse the toxicity would be limited.

The submission said the risks of the dam project had not been fully assessed, with an inadequate management plan for potentially high impact effects on rivers.

What DoC said was that the dam could kill an entire river.

What they didn?t say is the dodgy Hawkes Bay Regional Council are doing everything possible to give 150 farmers subsidised water at taxpayers and ratepayers expense.

And they want to turn the Tukituki toxic by letting dirty dairy farmers pollute the river to toxicity, killing the amenity values for everyone except the 150 bludging farmers who get the subsidy.