Don’t use “humiliatingly unappealing baby talk”…unless you’re a grown woman

Silly silly silly woman. Helen Kelly has a shocker on twitter. So much so that she’ll need a calving jack to remove both her front and ?back feet from her gullet. ?It’s one thing to criticize a politician openly in public when you should be maintaining a professional front in public, but to attack a politician even after he’s apologized (which shouldn’t have happened, by the way) for something she does her self is..well, just plain thick, and so “humiliatingly unappealing”.

TOTD 29092013 v1


And on the same day she accused Tau of ?using “baby talk”:


TOTD 29092013 v2


The day before that:

TOTD 29092013 v3


And the ripper:


Peeps? PEEPS? Good god. It’s not ok for a grown man to use “humiliatingly unappealing baby talk”, but it’s perfectly ok for a grown woman.


Hat tip to my one of my peeps Keeping Stock. Thnk u m8, gd jb.