Don’t vote for these big spending ratbags


I love it when the unions get involved in politics, especially when they highlight the big spenders, the wastrels and the useless.

What ever you do DON’T vote for these ratbags.

  • Albert-Eden-Roskill – Cathy Casey, Peter Haynes
  • Albany – Wayne Walker, John Watson
  • North Shore – Grant Gillon, Ann Hartley  
  • Waitakere – Penny Hulse, Christine Rose
  • Whau – Ross Clow
  • Waitemata & Gulf – Mike Lee
  • Maungakiekie-Tamaki – Richard Northey
  • Manukau – Alf Filipaina, Ava Tunumafono
  • Manurewa–Papakura – Colleen Brown, Peter Goldsmith

The promises that these tools have laid out are; foisting a living wage on Auckland ratepayers, many of whom will have to pay for it but not receive it along with protecting the union scumbag on at the Ports of Auckland.

If you want rates increases then voting for these union endorsed ratbags will men the rates increases will be almost instantaneous.



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  • LesleyNZ

    Thanks for the info. Please can we have a similar list of local board members we should not vote for.

    • peterwn

      Click on the link immediately below the picture.

      • Sidey

        Don’t forget to shower immediately after looking at a union website.

  • Sidey

    Sounds fair enough – the unions are entitled to their view.

    We can only assume they’ll be equally happy for another group, say an employer’s group, to campaign on which union officials their members should not vote for? Of course, the correct answer to that is E) none of the above, they should earn a living like the rest of us have to.

  • Steve R

    To be honest I couldn’t work out what those billboards ment. Haha. That’s what I call good value for your marketing dollar.

  • DLNZ

    Voters that listen to union bullshit and vote for these clowns will be the first ones to cry poverty when their rates go up to pay the new “living wages”

    • jb

      They’re the type who think the money tree is real.

  • Rodger T

    Made a point of not voting for anyone who is standing for multiple boards.
    Tho` mayor was a hard one ,couldn`t make up my mind between Tricia Cheel ,John Minto or Phil O`connor. Decisions ,decisions :

    • GazzW

      Palino is the only one with even a ghost of a chance against Brown. Palino was my pick along with my C&R candidate (Denise Krum). My theory being that a C&R council will make Brown a lame duck mayor or if the miraculous happens and Palino gets the mayoralty then a C&R council will be there to support him.

      • Rodger T

        But Gazz, Tricia is going to pipe bulk homeopathic remedies straight to your tap,you will even be able to shower in it.
        John is going to let you ride the bus for FREE!
        And Phil, well fuck , he couldn`t even be bothered sending in a picture so no-one knows what he looks like,but from his blurb he is going to stop you getting an abortion.
        And that is the cream of the crop,jebus wept.

        • GazzW

          Yeah I know Rodger. It’s a sad day for NZ’s biggest city when you know that your mayor is going to be a total dick based on his current track record and the only way that you can counter him is to give him a council to oppose him. Not a great day for democracy. To be honest we would be better off being run by a government appointed commissioner.

    • hifuncblonde

      You nearly got me lol.

    • LesleyNZ

      I will never speak to you again Rodger if you vote for any of those 3 for Mayor(and Len Brown).

    • Let’s try get Minto up, you know, just to see what happens…

  • sheppy

    Thanks very much, I was wondering who else to vote for apart from John Palino

  • GazzW

    I got handed a ‘vote for me’ flyer and a card from Mike Lee in Ponsonby yesterday. The picture of the bloke on the card bore little resemblance to the raddled old bugger who handed me the literature. Northey the same. Too many years with noses immersed in troughs.

  • Hazards001

    Saved that link as a who not to vote for…made life heaps easier…TA!

  • rightoverlabour

    Can we have a list of he dickheads that voted down the Sky Convention Center?

    • sheppy

      Courtesy of Google and the Horrid – The For voters are against the Convention Centre:


      “The governing body does not support the Government’s proposal for SkyCity to develop a convention centre in return for changes in our gambling legislation to increase gambling at the SkyCity casino.”


      Cathy Casey, Sandra Coney, Alf Filipaina, Michael Goudie, Ann Hartley, Penny Hulse, Mike Lee, Richard Northey, Wayne Walker, George Wood


      Len Brown, Cameron Brewer, Des Morrison, Calum Penrose, Dick Quax, Sharon Stewart, John Walker


      Chris Fletcher*


      Arthur Anae, Noelene Raffills, Penny Webster

      * Mrs Fletcher abstained because of a possible conflict of interest in her role as a Motutapu Restoration trustee. The trust has received funding from SkyCity

      EDIT:Clarification of the For voters not wanting the free convention centre

      • Hazards001

        And the list keeps growing…TA

  • Bad__Cat

    For once the Unions are helping Democracy.
    I wish they would put out a similar list in Whangarei so I could find out who not to vote for.

  • sheppy

    My problem now is who to vote for on the DHB – having removed the 2 it leaves a lot left

    • sheppy

      Best make that 3 taken away once I factor in the guy that killed the biker

  • hifuncblonde

    I see Rodney does not feature in the list – must be a good thing if all our candidates are considered too fiscally prudent to get a mention from the unions. But makes it a tougher one to win ;-)

  • LesleyNZ

    I was really surprised to see two local board candidates who I voted for last time are on this list – Jan O’Connor and Mike Cohen. They definitely should not be on this Auckland Union list and knew nothing about it. They are not rat bags or big spenders. There are some others who should be on the list though. Auckland Union have taken a big liberty here and is not fair on candidates if they do not want to be affiliated with Auckland Union and those associated with Auckland Union.

    • sheppy

      Who are those that should be on the list? I still have 12 candidates for local board and only 8 slots…

  • GregM

    I’m sick of all of them. Not one has a policy of identifying where our money is actually going, cutting council operations back to essentials, no more “nice to haves”, and a good look at staffing levels.
    I’m going to put my hat into the ring next time, and my policy platform will be real simple.
    “The fucking cheque book is locked in the drawer until the ratepayers get some answers to the above”.


    • sheppy

      John Palino is pledging to go over the accounts with a forensic accountant on day 1 with the intention of removing what’s not needed. He also wants a sinking lid staff policy

  • Jax

    Geez, that was a close one, I met some of these people at the local market – and they were all so vauge its hard to know what they stand for – itts annoying its so hard to work out who is what and aligned to what – to be fair they did mention sort the port, but with no details i thought that meant not building it out in the middle of the harbour and mentioned that and there was some nodding – no mention that union pay crap – good to know.