Face of the day

The world heavyweight boxing champion and Ukrainian opposition leader Vitali Klitschko has dropped a strong hint that he will stand for his country’s presidency in 2015.

The 42-year-old has campaigned against President Viktor Yanukovych and what he calls authoritarianism in Ukraine.

“I think about the possibility to take part in the presidential election,” Klitschko – nickname Dr Ironfist – told the BBC.

He is an MP in a pro-Western party.

The party is called Udar, which translates as “Punch”, but actually stands for Ukrainian Democratic Alliance for Reforms.

He said the final decision about his possible candidacy would be made in a few months’ time, “after a discussion with civil society in Ukraine”.

“My main goal is for Ukraine to be a European, modern country with European standards of life. I will decide with people who have the same vision, the same dream, to go into politics and from the inside to change the situation,” he said.

Could that be a campaign speech for a would-be president? “No fight, no win,” he replied with a smile. ?- bbc.co.uk