Field dressing a wild pig


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  • P1LL

    That was a very interesting video :)

  • Marty

    Nice video Travis. I can almost smell the crackling. Good tips on the salt flake ice.

    Have a looks at Kersh123’s videos for deer:

  • Orange

    That was quite worth watching.

  • LabTested

    ..and I see what you did here as well :-)

  • Mark

    I don’t have sound on this particular computer. Why did he gut it whilst hanging hind legs down but skinned it whilst hanging it head down?

    • Marty

      American hogs reportedly carry TB in their gut so hanging from neck ensures least contact with the meat. Once innards are removed he hangs from the rear legs to butcher. Personally I’d remove the hooves before chucking them in the ice box.