Fossy’s non gay sledge, pity about the ute

Craig Foss sledged Trevor Mallard who is still sunning himself in San Francisco.

Twitter - Foss and Mallard

Trevor isn’t at all happy about it either. He is trying to make it into something it isn’t.

He should just face facts, he backed the wrong team, he is well past his use by date…and it is high time he was rinsed.

As for theĀ “no one likes schoolyard political antics”…she thinks…there are many people who like it very much.

Politics isn’t tiddlywinks love.



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  • Whafe

    Anything that comes from Mallards mouth is pure brown steamy stuff…
    The man has less credibility than a homeless street dweller…..
    Like all things Labour, the ability to have some form of emotional intelligence and know when your time is up, it is up…
    Good riddence Mallard, NZ has had a gutsfull of you, sod of Baldrick

    • Peej

      How would he go as Speaker?

  • Sir Cullen’s Sidekick

    I suggest Fossy shuts his zip big time. Based on today’s NZ Herald poll Fossy could be sitting at the exit door soon….

  • James Stephenson

    Can someone please explain to those of us who don’t carry around a seating plan of the house?

    • Agent BallSack

      I am thinking Cunny was there until recently.

      • GazzW

        In which case a great move by Cunliffe. Oh the irony.

    • Sir Cullen’s Sidekick

      The seating plan is about to change soon James. So wait until then and you will see most of the National MPs will be sitting around the exit door.

    • Here’s today’s seating plan Couldn’t find an old one. Given Mallard’s “tasteless” response, I wondered if it used to be Parekura’s?

      • James Stephenson

        Ah, now that would make sense. Thanks Duncan.

      • Agent BallSack

        I thought that too but whats the problem? Its not like he died there.

  • williamabong

    There is a terrible mistake here, Trev is on the wrong side of the door, he should be on the outside with all his worldly s in a rubbish bag in one hand and a taxi chit in the other.
    One day Labour will wake up to the fact that conniving arseholes like Mallard are one of the reasons their popularity is in free fall, and if the only thing Cuntlips achieves in his short stay as leader is to rid Labour of the Mallards, Kings, and Dysons of this world everyone will be better off for it.

  • Agent BallSack

    On a related note:
    No one cares is in at a canter

    • johnbronkhorst

      Yahooxtra’s poll was similar.
      From memory:
      Yes its good….30%
      No it’s bad….60%
      don’t know…5%
      Don’t care…5%

  • Bob Murphy

    Perhaps the gods of the sea would be pleased and smile on ETNZ if Mallard was offered as a sacrifice. Worth a try.