Good Luck Lianne

Regular readers will know that Lianne Dalziel once threatened legal action against this blog for some trivial matter. This never went anywhere, after Lianne calmed down and perhaps realised her lawyer was not very good.

It is hard to hold a grudge against Lianne when you hear stories of her twenty years of hard work in her electorate and how much constituents love her. She has the guts to stand up for what she believes in, even if these beliefs are misguided, and has had the guts to walk away from a potential cabinet position to run for Mayor. She also has the guts to promise to resign before the election results are released. ?

In Christchurch Lianne has the reputation of being a reasonable woman who will work with her political opponents rather than just fight them like Clayton Cosgrove does, and she is not at all horrible like Ruth Dyson. This is the kind of person Christchurch needs after six years of near dictatorship from Bob Parker and Tony Maryatt.

You can read her campaign launch here. It is a bit long and boring and lefty but her actions have often spoken louder than her words.

Lianne Dalziel is not Whaleoil endorsed for the Christchurch Mayoralty. She is too left wing for endorsement. She is wished good luck and admired for her willingness to stand up for what she believes in.