The Greens don’t think – and expect nobody else will

Not known for their understanding of education, finance – or anything for that matter – known for thinking that everyone else is dumb too – Metiria Turei has been stating that the money budgeted for Charter Schools should go into the general education fund (black hole)

Four things – that you could assume she knows but why be honest?

1) The education budget is not zero sum – the money did not come out of some other area – primary and secondary school budgets increased in the last budget.

2) Within this context $19 million is chump change. One secondary school in South Auckland (e.g. Papatoetoe High School) spends over $11 million per annum. Is Turei asking about their level of accountability for the $55 million they have sent in the last 5 years to create a situation where nearly 50% of their students are failing the basic Level 1 NCEA qualification

3) There is targeted spending in the education budget in many areas – e.g. lower decile schools have bigger per student budgets that higher decile ones. It is not about targeted spending here for the Greens but CONTROL.

4) If she wants this spread across the 2500 schools (let alone ECE and/or tertiary) – that is $7600 per school per annum. One tenth of a teacher salary or maybe their toilet paper budget? Per NZ school student (760,000 in 2012) it is about $25. Would love to see a Green evaluation of the effects of that $25. Why is it beyond MSM reporters to ask that question?

If the left were as worried about accountability for the rest of the education spend as they are about this $19 million NZ schools might become truly world class. The vast multi-millions per annum schools might have to justify their spending and the salaries tenured out year after year.

Under previous leaderships the Greens seemed to think. Norman and Turei don’t and are selling out the Maori and Pasifika dominated tail because they want to stay close to the unions and think there is political gain in it.

They claim to stand for the poor and choice for minority groups – clearly only to the point where they can keep control of people’s minds. Getting their hands on the state education system to promote their ideology comes well before the welfare of Maori and Pasifika children.

They are clearly happy with what Hipkins implied are ghetto situations and year after year of carp outcomes for the lower class – so long as if keeps them in the trough.

Time for parents to demand the choices their children need.


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  • Time For Accountability

    She is an embarrassment to Dunedin.

    Just like:
    Peter Hodgson
    Benson Pope
    Clare Curran known to waddle like a duck after seeing Trevor
    David Clark
    David Parker

    No wonder Dunedin has been a depressed city for a couple of decades.
    Their negativity depresses their voters.

    They are a virus feeding off the host.
    Dunedin needs a flu injection to clear up these viruses.

  • Sir Cullen’s Sidekick

    I don’t how the Whale Army is going to digest the fact that Tuatara could be the Education Minister in Curryleaf led Labour-Green-NZ First-Mana coalition government….

    • Roger

      Completely relaxed. The four headed hydra you pose won’t happen. ‘Nuff said.

      • Sir Cullen’s Sidekick

        Roger boy – if you look at the promises the Amigos are making with gay abandon, suckers of this land will be fooled again….tax and spend…

        • Roger

          Mate, I agree. Not sure whether it’s Huey, Dewey and Louie or Curly, Larry and Moe but either way the Trio is not edifying. Their prescription of tax and spend is sickening. Talk about lacking vision or ambition. I suspect JK will have a field day – the proverbial fat man crawling through a barbed wire fence.

        • Ken Mathis

          I know right because the worst thing that could happen is getting people who want to improve things in power

          best to let the anal rapists you know run you face-first into the pillow aye?

  • DLNZ

    She’s probably earmarked the money to pay for a new “trees in classrooms” programme or other such Green bullshit.

  • Ken Mathis

    >control of people’s minds

    it is good to express consistency in our views isn’t it