“Grooming” trougher Paul Findlay chucks in the towel


The People’s Choice – Labour have severed the diseased limb and cauterized the wound.

They hope.

Media statement

RE Findlay withdrawal from race

A candidate for the Hagley-Ferrymead Community Board in Christchurch has withdrawn from the race following a leak from a personal conversation on a social media application.

Findlay said, ?In the heat of the moment I made a comment that I regret. This city has bigger issues in this election than this incident. For the sake of my team and the sake of the real issues that Christchurch is facing, I am withdrawing my candidacy.?

Sara Epperson, campaign manager, says, ?We respect his decision to stand down. We hold high expectations for our candidates and for the future of the city, and Mr Findlay sees his situation as a distraction from what we would like to achieve.?

Neither Findlay nor The People?s Choice has further comment to make on the issue.

Other media have reported on this case by now, including lifestyle blogger Farrar, who has upped the pressure suggesting that Paul Findlay could be guilty of Child Grooming

I don?t care that he sends dirty texts to people, or even includes photos of his private parts. To be sure it is rather silly to do when standing for office, but that does not affect his suitability as a candidate.

But the moment the person on the other end tells you they are 15, you stop. Simple as that. You don?t keep engaging with them on how you want to fuck them. I?m not sure whether this was entrapment by the 15 year old (he was leading Paul on) but again the moment they say they are not yet 16, you stop.

Concerns have been raised about other youth groups, projects and activities that Findlay has actively backed over the years.