Kia Kaha San Francisco

This video, “Kia Kaha San Francisco”, is presented as a gift from a Nation Born of Sailors to the Best Sailors in the World; all four crews that have taken part in the Louis Vuitton Challengers Series and the current America’s Cup Challenge… and to the people of San Francisco.


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  • Col

    I thought they came from Taiwan, as they also have catamarans and the art work is similar to the Maori here in NZ, I meet a local native who was introduced by the Chinese Taiwan person I was doing business with, and I would have sworn she was a Maori. There is an island on the East coast of Taiwan and that is where they believe the Maori came from. But that video clip is well done.

    • Bryan

      we were in Venice in 2000 and standing on the edge of st marks square a big new cruise ship was going down the main canal and our guide commented that it was the same route that Marco Polo took in 1300 ad and sailed to china I remember my wife leaning over to me and saying” that’s the same time the Maori were heading for NZ”and they talk of the European type people in their history so could have some of Marco polo sailor’s have come in contact with Maori around that time and some came down with them as it appears the whole world was on the move

      • Col

        Marcos father returned from China and then Marco went back to China. Marco so it is said had the ok to travel anywhere in China as he had the Seal from the Emperor at that time. I don’t think he made it to Taiwan. When Marco returned to Venice people did not believe him but they soon understood he had been to another country, being China. Now if you look at Italy it is the only country in that land mass that grows Rice and also makes Ravioli ( Dumplings) and makes Pizza, this all came from China, don’t let anyone tell you anything else. Now they say China had may ships and sailed around the world and called into Aussy and even here on the West Coast of the SI there is Rice, may have come from a Chinese ship wreck. They say the maps from China that Columbus may have acquired to discover South America came via Marco, Columbus lived in Genoa and was Italian. The Chinese had 200 ships and also had a water ship with bamboo water holders, never would sink, they traded around north Africa and India.
        The Maori DNA is connected to Taiwan.
        That’s my story anyway.

    • AnonWgtn

      DNA proves the case to the tribes still in South East Taiwan – so Winston is Chinese after all.

      • Col

        Yes true, but the Taiwanese don’t want him too know that.

  • RockyFist

    Wouldn’t Labia and the Gweens love that. Maori are actually Asians.

  • wiltinpenis

    The science of the visual effects is great; not sure about the mythical stories, nor the message it’s supposedly conveying.

    • LabTested

      exactly. Kia Kaha San Fran. What does it mean? I don’t know, let alone the average Yank or sailor. Seriously. I do not have a clue what KK means

  • DLNZ

    A gift to San Francisco? More like second hand used goods. This video was developed for the RWC 2011 and played in the Maori pavilion.

  • Hazards001

    Kia Kaha

    Stay strong!
    No way is this the worst message NZ could give to the rest of the world. We box above our weight consistently and have done so through numerous wars and tribulations along with dis proportionate sporting success.
    Outstanding video and one I intend to share with my kids. TY Cam for finding it and sharing it.
    Kia Kaha Emirates Team NZ & bring it home!

    • GazzW

      Well said Hazards!

  • Jeremy

    Nice message. Pity the supporters of tax-payer funding for this event don’t apply the same standards that they apply, rightly, to funding for the arts and Downstage

    • GazzW

      The problem with that Jeremy is that the arts (LOTR & Weta excluded) and Downstage represent zit in overseas earnings and employment. They just endlessly soak up ratepayer and taxpayer funds. The GST already paid on foreign boatbuilding purchases has repaid the piddly $35 mill investment in the Cup.

  • GeorgeRomero

    What fucking vomit!No white man to be seen , only arab halal airlines and maori supremist lies ,’HOIK