Kiwis stop backing Team New Zealand at the TAB

The nation has hit a crisis of confidence it seems

”It’s been rare for us to see a bet on Team New Zealand this morning,” [yachting bookmaker Kieran] McAnulty said.

It is a dramatic change for TAB, which the Friday before last thought the America’s Cup was all over and closed off betting.

But than Oracle made a ”dramatic turnaround” and TAB reopened its books.

While the tide of betting was very much in Oracle’s favour today, things were a little more optimistic yesterday, when a $16,000 bet was placed for the Kiwis to win.

Even so. ?One Kiwi punter thinks the money is good betting Team New Zealand is going to lose

Team New Zealand may still have the lead in the America’s Cup, but one punter has bet $10,000 the Kiwis will lose.

As more and more punters placed their money on a victory for United States team Oracle in the America’s Cup, the TAB today drastically reduced its odds of a New Zealand victory, [] McAnulty said.

Following Team New Zealand’s double-loss this morning, Oracle was paying $3 to win against $1.33 for the kiwi team.

Are we a country of chokers?

Are they a country of cheaters?