The law of unintended consequences strikes, fixing the ozone hole has warmed Antarctica

We can’t win. Thirty years ago it was the end of the world that the ozone hole?was getting bigger so we stopped using CFC’s and got rid of all the old?fridges…that we were told would save the planet.

Except…now it is no good that the ozone hole is closing up?

The ozone hole over New Zealand is closing, but it may warm up Antarctica which could then affect the West Coast and Canterbury Plains, a university researcher says.

Dr Adrian McDonald, from Canterbury University’s Physics and Astronomy department, was commenting after data released by the World Meteorological Organisation showed the ozone layer would recover between the years 2050 and 2100.

However, as a result of the ozone hole closing, Antarctica would probably become warmer, Dr McDonald said.?

Riiight, so we fixed one “problem” and created a much worse one.

Climate change in Antarctica was an important matter to New Zealand because higher temperatures caused ice to melt, resulting in rising sea levels, Dr McDonald said.

“With the ozone recovery, the future of Antarctic climate is less certain, though the complex interactions in the atmosphere associated with climate change makes this region particularly hard to predict.

“The future recovery of the Antarctic ozone hole and increases in greenhouse gases will have significant impacts on the wind circulation in the southern hemisphere.”

So these pricks, who have been banging on about the ozone layer have actually caused a far more catastrophic issue, of melting the ice caps due to warming as a result of closing the ozone hole. What a bunch of meddling, hippie fuckwits.

Time?that climate scientists accepted that climate is changing all the time.?Mankind cannot control the climate.