More lies from Cunliffe

Lindsay Mitchell highlights an outrageous lie from David Cunliffe.

Then David Cuncliffe (13:06)

Caller with two special needs children queries what Labour will do about their employment prospects.

Cunliffe answers, “National has cancelled a lot of those sheltered employment schemes that provided a stepping stone into full-time employment…”

As I recall, in Labour’s last two terms, parents of special needs young adults were up in arms about Ruth Dyson, Disabilities Minister, forcing the minimum wage onto sheltered workshops predicting closures. The IHC, the major sheltered workshop provider, has closed enterprises since. 

Lindsay Mitchell is right. My brother in aw was affected by this silly law change forced through by Dyson. Every single one of his workmates at their sheltered workshop lost their jobs when the workshop closed because of Labour’s law change. If you ask my brother in law what he thinks about Helen Clark he will state that she was a bad person, “she shut my workshop.”

Many more sheltered workshops suffered the same fate.

I blogged about it at the time. It was and remains outrageous, and what is worse is David Cunliffe lies about it and tries to blame National.


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  • Whafe

    I remember that clearly from Radio Live the other morning. Lying fuck you are Cuntliffe

    • Phar Lap

      Wonder what Shaun Plunket will say ,when he finds out,or the other guy called Duncan Garner or Patrick the terrible.

  • BJ

    How about some Media Rules – if a politician is caught out in a blatant lie – they are not given any further oxygen (airtime) until they publicly humbley apologise in newspapers, magazines and on TV and tell the truth of the matter. Sunlight shone on politicians for all the voters to see.

  • Lies for Labour’s leader-in-waiting? Must be a day ending in d-a-y

  • Sir Cullen’s Sidekick

    It is all history bro. Look to the bright future under Curryleaf. Your bank balance will be mine.