Living Wage looks like a dead duck

The living wage proposals of Grant Robertson and David Cunliffe are not proving popular.?

Prime Minister John Key has scoffed at proposals by?Labour’s leadership contenders to introduce a living wage.

Wellington Central MP Grant Robertson promised to introduce the $18.40-an-hour salary for government workers. New Lynn David Cunliffe wants to work towards the living wage for every worker.

List MP Shane Jones also pledged to regulate supermarkets to bring down the cost of food.

All three men are vying to be Labour’s leader and put forward the proposals at a series of campaign meetings over the weekend.

Key today dismissed their ideas as unworkable and “unbelievable”.?

“If you can legislate at $18.40 an hour and have no implications, why not make it $30 an hour – and show me one country in the world that has legislated for higher wages and it has been successful,” he said.

“We set the minimum wage but there is always a balance between jobs … most companies have to pay more, that means they have to put their prices up, that means you as a consumer pay more … inflation goes up so the Reserve Bank raises interest rates, that means your mortgage costs go up – by the way, a lot of people lose their job … it’s a fool’s paradise.”

And the voters aren’t stupid.




Just wait until they add on the effect of the man ban and the rest of the proposals that are chucked out like raw meat for the feral hard left. The Greens must be salivating at the prospect of moving to the centre as Labour tacks hard left.