Living wage promise falls flat

While it might play well to the feral hard left the promise by the spendthrift candidates for Labour’s leadership have committed Labour to the pipe dream of a living wage.

But it hasn’t gone down that well with the voters.

living wage


And a reader emails about this issue:

Hi Cam,

After watching the three “contestants” I am wondering ?if they were genuine in how they expect bosses?to pay a “living wage”. For goodness sake how are we?going to stop the gullible swallowing these poisoned lollies. It is all very well to say when you’re being?paid upwards of $144,000 for stuffing up the country, but the people that supply the jobs can’t afford?any of this bull shit. Inflation here we come! ?Unless you can con your way into a government job there?will be unemployment for Africa, why don’t they understand the “rich pricks” create the jobs for these people.

I don’t think it’s a pay gap in so much as a job gap, we used to have cleaners, gardeners, etc, then we had?factory workers, shop workers, then office workers, then middle management, then senior management etc. We seem?to have lost the middle area of work hence the so called pay disparity.

People used to get paid according?to their education, now everyone thinks it’s fare to be paid a management wage when you’re a cleaner.

These Labour ideas are just sound bites, practicality, unfortunately bites harder. Giving everyone a living wage?just increases the cost of living, so it’s a lose, lose not a win win.

God defend New Zealand from these imbeciles!