Map of the Day

Credit: Valerie Pieris

Credit: Valerie Pieris


Visualizing Global Population Density





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  • GazzW

    And you don’t have to be a demographic geographer to figure what’s going to happen starting on the fringes of the circle. Start beefing up on your Mandarin AT!

    • Col

      Ni hao, nide pengyou dou lai ma?
      Hello, are all your friends coming. Translated.

      At least they are willing to work.

  • Marty

    And there are more condoms outside of this circle than inside it

    • Col

      Not sure about that statement, as they only have a one child policy it sure as hell doesn’t stop them having sex. Cam may be able to find out who uses the most condoms per country?

  • Mr_V4

    Why are there so many people in that region?
    Why do they breed like crazy?

    • emmess74

      Actually, that not true
      Very few of the countries in that circle would have very fast growing populations
      Mostly they are just in Africa these days

      • Mr_V4

        But they got huge at some point in the past, yeah? They may not be growing rapidly now, but even a small % growth on a big number is alot of people.

        • Col

          China has a one child policy now, or though in the country areas they can have more than one child. In the past they were told to have lots of children, so now you will see or we hope that a decline in population may happen in China?

    • philbest

      Actually, no segment of humanity has ever breeded faster than Anglo Saxon Protestants during the Colonial era.

      Europe is far smaller than Asia, and is actually more densely populated, but no-one thinks of it as “poor because it is overpopulated”.

      Africa is far less densely populated than either Asia or Europe.

      The problems with poverty etc associated with some regions, are cultural and political, not a factor of resources per person.

  • cows4me

    And they all be hungry. Despite the left’s hatred of agriculture and their great desire to crush it agriculture is New Zealand’s best hope of paying the bills. Wankers like Cunny would heap such costs upon the productive sector that it would destroy our competitiveness and destroy our country. Asia is our best hope for a future , not sickly fucking socialism.