The need for blood

I am a firm believer in seeing blood in politics.

Winners need to show why they are in charge and losers need to know they aren’t.

To my mind David Cunliffe needs to knife someone very publicly and very hard, then line up the shocked survivors and ask who is to be next?

Then he can set about rigging selections and quietly getting rid of people in the way.

So who to knife? 

David Parker has been very public in his previous condemnation of David Cunliffe. However, save his untidy personal circumstances, he is still well liked in the wider party. Keep him on, he has some useful skills, always with the option of going nuclear on him if he doesn’t fall into line.

Clare Curran is blessed with stupidity, her unwise attack against Cunliffe in the last week has probably sealed her fate. She is tits anyway so there would be no fall out from cutting her political throat. She shouldn’t be surprised by it either since it is how she got into parliament with some judicious knifing of David Benson-Pope.

Trevor Mallard would be the prime target. He banks and trades on the fact that no one can touch him. He has ambitions to be Speaker and so a very public knifing of him will send the message that no one is untouchable and it destroys his ambitions. I’d go further and stitch up his selection too and rinse him there as well, consigning him to an ignominious end of a rather lack-lustre career. Perhaps some school somewhere might take him in and he can end his days teaching ungrateful kids in a decile one school.

Chris Hipkins is a another prime contender for a knifing. He was less than complimentary about Cunliffe in the aftermath of last years conference. He is young though and can bounce back.

If it was me I’d knife Curran and Mallard and then stare down the rest of the troughers that are the ABC club. Goff, King and Cosgrove need to be encouraged into a new career  plus a few others. Cosgrove as a scum list MP will get bounced anyway due to the #manban, along with Jones and Little.

If Cunliffe doesn’t spill some blood then the next blood to be spilled will be his. Nothing focuses the mind of the troops than a shot up corpse draped over the parapet.


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  • He should just offer them Financial support for their new party when he wins the next election …

  • Bunswalla

    I thought you gave a very good analysis this morning and even Fat Tony had a smile on his face when he accused you of “predictably giving David Cunliffe some very bad advice” on this topic. It was actually bloody good advice.

    I’m a firm believer in a bit of blood on the floor “pour encourager les autres” as they say in France.

    I agree with plucking the Duck but I think the more prominent Curran is in the opposition the better for JK and the government, so for purely selfish reasons I’d keep her close to the shadow front bench.

  • Daniel

    Where’s the incentive for the other leaders-in-waiting to unite behind the current leader? Is that what Cunliffe did under Goff and Shearer? How well did that work out for Goff and Shearer? Pretty poor. And how well did it work for Cunliffe? Fantastic.

    Seems to me there was – and is – an incentive for undermining the leader with so many in the party with leadership aspirations. Cunliffe needs to do what Goff and Shearer failed to do, and deal to those with hankerings for his job.

  • Pissedoffyouth

    I think instead of knifing Labour people he needs to knife Russell Norman.

    Claim as much back that he has taken in the last few years

    • Hazards001

      He can’t knife him…they’re like cock relatives those two, if they were any further to the left you could pass them on Queen St even if you were driving the USS Enterprise down there.

  • Bad__Cat

    Get rid of Cosgrove – he’s just so unlikeable, and would have no problem getting himself a position in the used car industry.