News from inside the Labour Leader’s office

The leaks have started already…it seems all is not well in Labour right now.

  • The new Chief of Staff is to be  Sarah Clark.
  • Half the office has been sacked or resigned.
  • Only 4 researchers on deck today

Not happy campers is the feeling.

UPDATE: More news from the beltway.

Rumours doing the rounds that two NZF staffers are set to cast themselves adrift from Winston and go and work for Cunliffe. They’re both Leader’s Office people that originally worked for Labour anyway. Two big Cunliffe cheerleaders. 

Sources reveal that these plans have been in place since September/October last year, not long before the Labour Party
conference, Api Dawson told a few people that Cunliffe was planning a clean out of the leader’s office and had offered him a job. The expectation was that Cunliffe would challenge Shearer in February and win.

In May this year, Cunliffe was overheard telling Api and another NZF staffer that he would hire them if he got the leadership.

That conversation took place at going away drinks for a member of Cunliffe’s staff in the Beehive bar.

Grant’s people are freaking out big time.

Everyone’s waiting to see what Cunliffe pulls out for question time.

Whisperings that it could be the shortest political-media honeymoon ever if he doesn’t deliver.


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  • blokeintakapuna

    “Piece(s) are breaking out all over caucus”

  • Phar Lap

    As well the three time electorate loser David Parker is the deputy leader .Sums up the Lie-bour Party what an indictment.

    • axeman

      Parker as Deputy Dawg … that appointment was Not Given Lightly

    • Macca

      Labia have about as much depth as the Zimbabwean rugby team! Come to think of it – do they even have a rugby team?

      • JeffDaRef

        Don’t you remember them in the 87 RWC?
        Their centre scored a breakaway try, went for the big dive-roll, busted his shoulder and never played again.
        Could become an analogy of Cunliffe’s leadership….

  • Harry B’Stard

    The bloodletting begins

  • ConwayCaptain

    Who is Sarah Clark??

  • johnbronkhorst

    Has Das Fuhrer hung his portrait yet?

    • ConwayCaptain

      No but one of the Clarkenfureher

      • Guest

        That’s Klarkenführer, Cap’n

      • axeman

        That’s Klarkenführer, Cap’n C

        • cows4me

          Just as well she didn’t milk cows, Fonterra would have on going product recalls, can’t do much with sour milk.

        • Hazards001

          Stop that shit….NOW!

    • Time For Accountability

      See my post yesterday –

      He has commissioned his statue.
      The dilemma is finding solid ground to take the weight.

      He already had the design some time ago but the artist has had to be innovative with strengthening to cope with the large head.

      • Patrick

        & lack of vertebrae

        • Bunswalla

          And big swinging dick

  • In Vino Veritas

    If Labour are broke, how will they pay out the sacked workers?

  • Greg

    Aren’t they having a Gay Ole Time?

  • Pissedoffyouth

    How can they be sacked doesn’t Labour have a union?

    • JeffDaRef

      Great point – its ok for Cunliffe to sack underperforming chumps, why not the rest of us??
      Can only hope someone in the media may ask that question….

    • Capitald

      The Parliamentary Service employs these people, it is funded out of the leaders budget. The contract has a process where you, the taxpayer can pay out 12 weeks pay, plus 4 weeks notice period of their salary (think four months pay) and get rid of the person. The contract has to the best of my knowledge, never been challenged. It suits the politicians, and the people who work for them often don’t want it to go public at the authority as they want to work in politics again. It is rather simple – the payout is very good, and it is very simple to take the money and run. There have been a few PQs over the years on the value of these payouts – although they are generally not talked about.

      If someone wants to do some research to see if there are any recent PQs on this topic – they are welcome to. Otherwise – try finding an on the out backbench MP to put some written questions through.

  • Meritocracy in the name of Unity …

    • mike

      Only if you bow down and worship comrade Cunny

    • BJ

      I keep reading that as mediocracy.

  • Never in the dark…..
  • Is the “Puppet of the Unions” taking instructions from HellyKelly and ChickyLittle?

  • Justsayn

    Did someone fart on the train?

  • Lion_ess

    David Parker for Deputy Labour Leader – seriously? He’d be the most whimpy looking mummy’s boy out of the lot of them – no threat of a spill there? David 1 and David 2. Ha, he’d have been better off to have appointed Shane Jones.

    • David

      Jones wisely said the other day he did not want it. I suspect he does not want to be tarnished with the next election loss and the house of knives the place they have become, but will look to lead the party from there.

      • Lion_ess

        That in itself, is an endorsement of Shane Jones.

      • Hazards001

        Jones finished himself off in the leadership debacle.
        It’s one thing to come off as one of the boys sometimes. It’s another altogether to come off as a crass foul mouthed wannabe cuzzie bro plonker.
        The man is highly educated and articulate and I’ve dealt with him in the past. His public showing was embarrassing and I suspect won’t be forgotten by those in a position to keep him in his place.
        No one likes to have the piss taken out of them, Cunliffes supporters may well find the infamous Avondale Market speech haunts him for the same reason.

    • Phar Lap

      Maybe the Herne Bay” pauper ” thought he looked so girly, girly,what the hell ,sort of compromises the manban.

    • Tony

      Whimpy alright and squeaks like a mouse. That’s why he is like Bill Rowling reincarnated.

  • cows4me

    Oh the humanity, the place must look like a slaughter house, I’m as happy as a pig in swill.

    • Patrick

      Our Trev has played the best hand of cards – buggered off to San Fran to watch the boat races, by the time he returns the blood & guts will be cleaned up. With a bit of luck all his worldly possessions will be in a fish crate waiting for him to collect as he leaves parliament.

      • cows4me

        If he’s got half a brain Patrick he’ll stay where he is, it’s not like he’s missing anything.

        • Bunswalla

          I think you over-estimate Mallard, expecting him to have half a brain

        • Pissedoffyouth

          Missing Jacinda most likely

          • the cad

            Is she doing him up the crap with Darien’s strap on ?

  • Timboh

    The greens should call for an inquiry into the job losses.

    • Make sure there is a ban on something in there as well.

  • LesleyNZ

    Well….. there we go. What is going to happen to the liberal rainbow lot now and the porn watchers? Do you reckon David Cunliffe will clean them out too?

  • OT Richter

    A woman scorned. Robertson not wanting the deputy leadership means his destructive ways can continue with even more energy.

  • Time For Accountability

    The Parker appointment was planned at least two months ago.

    Parkers demeanour has been quite forthright around Dunedin airport and Strictly Coffee in Dunedin for that time.

    He has exuded an air of confidence and superiority.

    It has been obvious to all that something was afoot.

    The roadshow was al about profile and getting on board the bus.

    Everything that has happened has been orchestrated.

    It smacks of H2’s hand in the pot.

    Watch for Labour to support a republic and the ultimate return of H1 as life president.

  • Teko Flaps

    I don’t get it, I may need Cunnylingliffe to shout at me with a megaphone and in Island tongue for me to understand.

  • Bryan

    well we had two dead fish we now have two dead rats

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