Why the NRA won’t be defeated

Politicians and pundits all rounded on the NRA as the bad guys int he wake of Sandy Hook, missing the point entirely about gun control.

The NRA copped a flogging in the liberal media, especially from Piers Morgan as he idiotically mis-represented the law, milked the tragic situation and  politicked against the NRA.

But it was all to no effect as two senators in Colorado found out on Tuesday.

All that publicity and attacks just made the NRA more powerful.

While the NRA took its lumps in the months after Newtown, the group actually experienced a surge in membership and support that more than compensated for the drubbing they got in the mainstream press. Though liberals, including the president, falsely asserted that NRA support was merely the function of donations from gun manufacturers, it remained something that the anti-gun groups were not: a genuine grass-roots organization that could generate intense activity from its members when they were called upon. 

That’s why the Colorado votes were so important. They showed that even when outgunned by outside money, gun-rights advocates have an ace in the hole that Bloomberg can’t match: passionate supporters on the ground who can turn out and vote.

I doubt we’ve heard the last of Obama and his liberal supporters on this issue. They will return to it, as they always do, anytime a crime that can generate unthinking outrage about guns is committed. But media hype is never a match for a public determined not be stripped of their constitutional rights. The anti-gun tide that was supposed to sweep away the NRA has instead swept away two Democrats. Don’t bet that they will be the last to lose their seats because they believed Obama when he said the NRA was whipped.

The NRA are the best political campaigners in the world, bar none.

Left wingers would do well to join the NRA and watch and learn what they do.


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  • Ghost

    In the immortal words of Darryl Kerrigan “Suffer in your Job”.

  • JC

    According to one report I saw it was women, Latinos and 20% Democrats that did in the senators.

    The anti-gun lobby read Sandy Hook wrong.. where they saw an AR15 parents saw an unguarded and defenceless school.. in truth it was only parents who saw the dead children.. Morgan and co just saw a cheap opportunity.


  • onelaw4all

    I would think that left wingers would be pathologically allergic to organisations that try to preserve constitutional freedoms (or any freedoms, come to that).

  • nudgy

    Why is it that the pinkos love the bad boys? The bad boys will always be armed no matter what the gun laws are. Anti gun laws weaken good citizens ability to defend themselves which rights must be retained at all cost.

  • cows4me

    No hope and fuck all change has played his cards and lost badly. The fool has cost the left any chance they had of disarming the masses. When you have an administration that continually spooks the horses is it any wonder the NRA has gone from strength to strength. The present administration are racists, hypocritical hollow bastards that would rather jump on the second amendment and try to limit the rights of law abiding people while turning a blind eye to the hundreds of murders committed by blacks in Chicago. More power to the NRA.

  • Mr_Blobby

    We could do with something similar here to represent the 230,000 voting firearms owners, the local organizations seem to be very quiet and passive.