NSW elects pro-gun advocate to Senate

NSW has elected pro-gun advocate David Leyonhjelm to the Senate….a man who believes citizens should be able to protect themselves….with guns.

The man elected to take one of six Senate seats in New South Wales says allowing the general public to carry weapons is one way of curbing gun crime in western Sydney.

Voters in New South Wales have chosen Liberal Democrat David Leyonhjelm for the Senate after the party appeared in the top left hand corner of ballot papers.

The seldom-mentioned party gained 8.89 per cent of the initial vote allocation, ahead of the Greens’ 7.77 per cent.

The party, which believes in social libertarianism, a free market economy and small government now joins a key group of minor party and independent senators set to hold the balance of power after July next year.

Mr Leyonhjelm is a former vet who runs an agribusiness consulting company in Sydney. 

His biography says he has been a member of Young Labor, the Liberals and the Shooters Party since getting into politics in the early 1970s.

He left the Liberals because of John Howard’s crackdown on guns following the Port Arthur massacre, describing it as “a disgraceful attack on law-abiding citizens”.

He has a very sensible approach to gun crime…let citizens protect themselves.

He also says it is an “objective fact” that the Sandy Hook school massacre in the United States could have been avoided if teachers had been armed.

Mr Leyonhjelm says allowing the public to carry guns would be a new approach to help tackle the spate of shootings in Sydney.

“What happens is that criminals don’t know who’s carrying a gun and they’re very wary of using a gun themselves because they don’t know who’s going to shoot back at them,” he said.

“In actual fact it’s a massive deterrent. You don’t make a safer society by taking the guns off the good guys and leaving the bad guys to have the guns.”


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  • Roger

    Now that’s interesting. So rather than buy in to the mantra that Abbott “won’t control the Senate”, the Coalition may actually have a more socially liberal and economically conservative senate to work with. Good stuff.

  • cows4me

    Bloody hell the lefty’s will be spinning like dying flies. Gun control has been a dismal failure in Aussie and gun crime is epidemic in places like the GC and western Sydney. Politicians who stand on the platform of gun confiscation/strict control are hypocrites of the first order. They receive full state protection from armed guards but expect their citizens to be defenceless. Gun confiscation has nothing to do with promoting a safer society it’s more about politicians that can’t stand the idea that their citizens may be armed. A disarmed population is a controlled population and it matters not a jot that a few criminals may be well armed, they can live with that.

  • drummerboy

    i would vote for this guy! also love how the media try to say he was only voted in because of the position he held on the ballot.

  • Gulag

    The crims have no trouble getting weapons.

  • Mr_V4

    Ah the magic of an AV system.