NZ?s dodgiest LBP Nominee ? Aldo Miccio

Nelson ratbag - Aldo Miccio

Nelson ratbag – Aldo Miccio

Nelson mayor and former wonderboy Aldo Miccio has got a kick in the arse for breaking election rules.

Nelson mayor Aldo Miccio has been found in breach of election rules and received a ticking off from the electoral officer.

A complaint was made by Gaire Thompson about how Mr Miccio obtained email addresses and why campaign material headed Miccio4mayor was sent with its mailing address as 110 Trafalgar St which is the city council’s Civic House.

Electoral officer Warwick Lampp yesterday looked into the issue.

There were Office of the Auditor General guidelines around the use of council resources and and communications with candidates and the public during the election period which precluded the use of council resources for campaigning purposes, such as council premises, said Mr Lampp.

Common sense should prevail and a candidate should use their own or their campaign manager’s own physical address for authorisation, which was clearly not the council address, he said. ?

This may seem a relatively minor breach of election law, but there may be other laws he has breached. Taking email addresses from council lists to use for campaign purposes will annoy precious internet people like David Farrar. Unsolicited email is never a good look.

Mr Thompson said he had never opted to receive the email sent to him by the mayor’s campaign team.

However, he had given his email address at the consultation meeting held last week at the council chambers on the council’s proposed sale of Wakatu Square land for the development of a building for a new Farmers store.

He gave it so the council could send updates on the consultation.

And it sounds like there might be some other ratbag councillors breaking the rules at the same time as Aldo.

The election campaign email headed “Moving Nelson Forward” includes letters from Mr Miccio updating on city parking, from councillor Pete Rainey on waterfront development plans and from councillor Derek Shaw on a future vision and goals for Nelson with supportive comments about working with Mr Miccio.

Disgusting or maybe illegal?

Mr Thompson said: “I just think it is disgusting that campaign propaganda from three council candidates can be sent to people attending a meeting for a different purpose.”