NZ?s dodgiest LBP Nominee ? Victor Cattermole

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Christchurch ratbag Victor Cattermole

Christchurch ratbag Victor Cattermole

Victor Cattermole is one such dodgy ratbag standing for public office. Amongst other things he has been censured by Securities ?and Commerce Commissions for
running a (likely) ponzi scheme.

He has had many run-ins over the years with the Securities Commission, including one where it was claimed his Hong Kong-based investment company, Endeavour Plan, was involved in pyramid selling and the Commerce Commission said the company plan risked breaching the Fair Trading Act.

The Securities Commission also banned advertising in New Zealand for Endeavour Plan. The commission said that potential investors could be misled by some Endeavour advertisements?stating:?

– That the plan complied with the Unit Trust Act when it did not.

– That the Guardian Trust and BZW & Barclay were the plan’s fund managers?when neither company was in place.

On top of that he made out he was buying a Brit football team…and failed to do so:

In 2010, Cattermole, through Endeavour Plan, expressed interest in buying out the debt-laden English Premier League football club Portsmouth.

He said he could raise $400 million to save the team. However, a week later the deal fell through.

He has been convicted?on two charges of unlawfully using documents in 2005.

But that isn’t his only brush with the law.

In 1994, Cattermole signed a $1m deal to buy Wellington’s Erskine College and moved into a flat on the Catholic school’s grounds.

A year later, after the deal fell through,?the High Court had to order him to move out.

His Wikipedia page has all the hallmarks of being self written, and is narcissistic in outlook.

This guy has all the hallmarks of ?psychopathic/sociopathic?vulture taking advantage of?vulnerable earthquake victims or anyone else he can con.