NZ?s dodgiest LBP Nominees ? Residents and Ratepayers Howick

The nominations keep on rolling in. This time a whole team has been nominated.

Led by convicted drunk driver Michael Williams, the Residents and Ratepayers team is full of the useless, the nasty and the bewildered. Through thick and thin they have stood by Michael Williams as he bullied and cajoled his way through local body politics in Howick. I have blogged previously about this man and his behaviour, but here is a summary of him and his cohorts, the ratbags that make up the Residents and Ratepayers ticket in Howick.

Michael Williams – A narcissist, convicted drunk driver, bully.?Could take out Rhino Award for “LBP with the Thickest Skin” as he is still unaware his board slapped a vote of no confidence on him.

And there’s his Residents and Ratepayers Team buddies:

Jim Donald, JP – ?ordained minister, ex Cop, yet shows none of the attributes one would expect. He is racist as well, having led opposition to any progress on issues with the Emilia Maud Nixon Garden of Memories. He asked a question once in a public meeting if Jami-lee Ross’ middle name was “Matenga”, it is, but it was of no relevance to the issue (Michael Williams bullying Adele White), he asked simply to show he was a nasty, spiteful, bitter old racist. He has all the characteristics of Jim Trott from the Vicar of Dibley with none of the charm.

Jim Donald, all the characteristics of Jim Trott and none of the charm

Jim Donald, all the characteristics of Jim Trott and none of the charm

I’ll leave it to Peter Aranyi to describe this nasty piece of work.

?Jim Donald has been nothing other than polite to me ? but then I am a man. Several women in the community, Maori and Pakeha, have told me they?ve been made to feel very uncomfortable in some of their interactions with Jim, citing what they interpreted as his attempts to intimidate them. But that?s not been my direct experience.? – Peter Arayni?

220813 Eastern Courier Volcanic Viewshafts Shirley Warren Bob WilliamsonShirley Warren – The?Bucklands Beach granny and Michael Williams’ Playcentre teacher. Said to be past her use-by date. Nods off in meetings. Represents the bewildered demographic.

She reminds me of Letitia Cropley from the Vicar of Dibley, and equally as batty and dim-witted.

Wayne Huang -?Apparently has given himself a grand sounding title on the Chinese social media sites – but has done nothing significant here. Refers to himself as School Principal. Runs the Institute of Commercial Education.

Shamefully he refused to even speak when questioned over his role in supporting Michael Williams bullying Adele White, saying he agreed with Michael. He is a toady without any spine.

Wayne Huang holding the Eminent Glass Dildo award

Wayne Huang holding the Eminent Glass Dildo award

This bunch of muppets usually has a fifth wheel,?Steve Udy, but he has fled the coop – probably in a last ditch attempt to change in order to save his reputation (such as it is) – and is standing as an Independent. This man is so vain and full ?of himself that he will tell anyone who even looks remotely interested that he has a lift in his house…whoopy!

So presumptuous are Michael Williams and his team about the future they have been ringing other local candidates. I believe he is already seeking support for the Chair’s role – when he comes back in Oct!

This bunch of dodgy ratbags need to be run out of Howick on a rail.