Ratbag Candidate responds

The other day I posted about ratbag Christchurch candidate Daniel Wright.

He has written me a letter which he wishes to be posted. No problems there, happy in the interests of fairness to provide a forum for Daniel.

To Whom it may concern.

I am standing for community board for the Shirley-Papanui Ward because I believe in creating strong communities and believe I am capable and able of advocating for this as a Community Board member.

I attribute much of my drive and determination to the fact that in my early 20s I went through an isolated and difficult period in my life which culminated in my hitting rock bottom when I was convicted for theft from my employer. I took full responsibility for my actions. I co-operated with my employer, the police and justice system. I was sentenced to community work and home detention which I completed without issue. I make no excuses for my actions and continue to take full responsibility for my poor choices. I have sincerely learned from my mistakes and want nothing more than an opportunity to prove myself.?

Since this time, I have used my second chance to re-join and contribute to my community. I have now maintained a career with a supportive employer for several years, I was married in 2011 to my extremely encouraging wife and live in the St Albans Area and I have successfully created Circle Trust, an organisation promoting stronger communities which has a strong board formed which know about my past indiscretions and are prepared to look past to them, (https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=bNajGrVlRuw). I have invested a great deal of time and my own funds to ensure that Circle Trust makes a difference to the people of Christchurch. I do not try to hide my background and accept that the community may draw negative inferences against me due to my conviction.

The fact of my conviction means that I am forced to work twice as hard as any other candidate to prove that I am worthy of a seat on my community board. This is a challenge that I do not shy away from. I am committed to proving that I am worthy of the trust and acceptance of our community despite my past.

I have turned my life around and made the most of my second chance, I have learnt from my difficult time and allowed the experiences to let me understand and be more empathetic towards people. My three key principles in life are Family, Friends, Community.

I now seek to embrace the opportunities and strength I have gathered by standing for the community board and taking the opportunity to effect positive change for the people of Shirley-Papanui.

Daniel Wright

Bear in mind that Mr Wright was only a nominee, there are far more dodgier ratbags than him…good luck with the campaign.