A reader writes about Fonterra trademarks and David Cunliffe

via TV3 News

via TV3 News

Another smart reader helps out via the Tipline

I see someone has already done some digging and come up with the same outcome as me, but something doesn?t appear quite right?

Given that there is a ?time sheet? suggesting someone ?worked on the formation of Fonterra? during 1999, it seems odd that the name ?Fonterra? was only first registered as a trademark in NZ on 21st Feb 2001? Trademark 632732 (link below).

The list of Fonterra Trademarks:

[Check out the ?History? section of the original Fonterra trademark on this link].

It seems strange that any (prospective) multinational would have their intended name freely used by ?consultants? but would not have already protected it via IPONZ?..

Unless IPONZ has somehow missed an earlier trademark application?. Nah ? I didn?t think so, either.