Registration will protect the kids – Yeah Right

The Teachers Council, various teacher unions and the Labour party all claim that teacher registration should be mandatory…to protect the kids. It is their single biggest objection to charter schools.

Yet not a week goes by without a registered teacher being before the courts for fiddling with kids or some other ratbag crime. The Teachers Council also had to be dragged kicking and screaming towards transparency as they previously hid teachers names under a veil of secrecy.

Now the Herald on Sunday reveals that convicted pedophiles and sexual predators are still registered teachers

The predator of Pamapuria, James Parker, has been allowed to remain a registered teacher.

Hekia Parata, the Education Minister, is stepping in after the?Herald on Sunday?discovered Parker and two other high-profile sex offenders remain on the Teachers Council register.?

Andrew Ray Loader, the Otumoetai College teacher who paid $240 to twice watch teenagers have sex, was sentenced to 100 hours’ community work in March.

The only thing stopping his return to the classroom is that he has “voluntarily agreed” to stop teaching.

Douglas Haora Martin, former assistant principal of Lincoln High School, filmed up the skirts of 20 unsuspecting girls and women.

He pleaded guilty in January and was sentenced in April to 10 months’ home detention.

His practising certificate expired in April, but is still listed as active by the Teachers Council.

Time, I think, to disband the Teachers Council. They have shown themselves to be an instrument of the unions and pa protector of ratbags.

We cannot trust them any longer.

Parata said their inclusion on the register was a triumph of bureaucracy over common sense.

The news has surprised and angered those in the school community.

The Teachers Council maintains the register of teachers, which notes any disciplinary action taken. Teachers seriously sanctioned remain on the register with the words “cancelled” and “censured” beside their names – but not Parker, Loader and Martin. They are listed as having full registration. The council’s director, Peter Lind, is overseas and didn’t comment, but a spokesman said it took time and “due process” for teachers to be deregistered.

Time for Hekia Parata to step up and axe this bunch of morons.