RTDs targeting of kids in Government crosshairs, Ctd

Yesterday I blogged about  RTD manufacturer Independent Liquor ‘targeting’ young females with their promotion/sponsorship of Cleo (Vodka) CRUISER Bachelor of the Year.

Even the NZ Drug Foundation got in on the act, with their tweet.

What’s the bet, troughers like Alcohol Healthwatch will use this example of suspicious marketing behaviour towards youth in overseas conferences, poster presentations, or call for Councils to do something about these marketing tactics. 

Even today the troughers from Otago University are saying young adult drinkers are more likely to have 10 or more sexual partners. Makes you wonder whether they looked at what these people were drinking.

One reader saw this at a South Auckland liquor shop and sent it in. Yet another promotion of RTDs. Guess who by… ah that’s right the bastion of responsible marketing (thanks to their voluntary code) Independent Liquor, run by Julian Davidson –ex Lion Nathan boss.


I’m sure this example of “managing the products… with social outcomes we all seek, including the Government” is just what the Government was looking for.


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  • Naylor

    I bet she’s got the world in her cans!!!

    • You should see some of the stores…actually a lot of them out South…wall to wall advertising and product that is only RTDs…

      • LionKing

        Sound like there’s special trade relationships with rebates being paid to liquor shops to have RTDs dominate their shop floors. Not a good look in South Auckland to flood the market with RTDs and has all the hallmarks of targeting Maori and Pacific Islanders. No wonder there’s local outrage against liquor shops.

      • kehua

        Some years ago I had a sports sponsorship with Independant Liquor it started well and we endorsed Wild Bull rum n cola and several other RTD`s, it worked well for 2/3 years and then we renegotiated a new package . During discussions I asked what we could do to advertise or promote their product, the Sales Manager at the time said “ we do not do that , that is how the old Breweries work, we just want to pour this stuff down kids throats.“ I pulled the deal and walked out. We all know that there is a trade off between sponsors and Sports but I found his attitude and what he said offensive and have watched the dramatic rise in RTD use with the youngsters I come in contact with.

  • DLM

    Wonder what Judith Collins is thinking about all of this. Can’t see her being impressed.

    • Hillary Green

      I would hope so.

  • DLNZ

    Their survey probably consisted of Otago students. “More than ten” sexual partners would have been a bit on the low side from what I’ve seen in Dunedin :P

  • BJ

    As though the liquor industry was ever going to take self regulating seriously.

  • Anonymouse Coward

    I am sure Sir Ernest Booze will be shocked, shocked to learn from the grave that brewers are still today acting cynically in their own interests