RTDs targeting kids in Government Crosshairs


Sometimes you’ve really got to wonder. By now you’d think most businesses in the tobacco, booze and food industries would realise that there’s millions of taxpayer dollars being doled out to troughers who want more restrictions, bans and tax hikes placed on the products these businesses produce.

Some just don’t learn.

Even this morning I ran a post about Troughers Eyeing Up New Targets, showing that Universities have dived into the public trough over sugary drinks.

There were also posts about Len Now Has Booze Problems, and how the promotion of alco-pops RTDs is targeted towards the youth market – obviously a deep concern for the Mayor.

You’ll then hear the usual bleating from the likes of RTD pushers Independent Liquor saying that they’ve just introduced a Voluntary Industry Code for RTDs and;


Mmm let’s see how that’s going to work for them when that very same company, banging on to the Government about how responsible they are, is actually out there doing things like sponsoring the CLEO (Vodka) CRUISER Bachelor of the Year. To support Independent Liquor’s Cleo (Vodka) CRUISER Bachelor promotion, if you buy 2 packs of (Vodka) CRUISER you get a FREE Cleo mag. Even Cactus Kate would be offended at the offer.

Then again, maybe enticing kids with “Whipped Coconut Ice” and “Whipped Cupcake” is a more appropriate strategy.


Maybe these are the preferred product of choice for Independent Liquor sponsored and pinko blogger David Farrar.

Whatever the case,  attempting to say that “you’re demonstrating our ability to manage the products…with the social outcomes we all seek, including the Government” when you’re promoting RTDs like this is only going to end badly.

And thanks to the tip-line there’s plenty more examples.


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  • blokeintakapuna

    Ever wondered why there’s never any nutritional info on alcohol products? But every other product fit for human consumption must be clearly labelled?
    I guess the alcohol industry has plenty of deep pockets and lots of lobbyists…

  • Arran Hunt

    You do realise that people other than kids eat cononut ice and cupcakes? No everyone likes the taste of whiskey. Actually, unless they were looking at lettuce or caviar tasting RTDs it is quiet easy to point any flavour as being pointed at kids.

    • Pissedoffyouth

      I always thought that same thing – how the hell would an 8% bourbon and coke be appealing to a kid? That stuff takes some time to get used to

      • Arran Hunt

        Personally I’d rather drink a coconut ice drink than any kind of bourbon and cola drink. Those things are truly horrible.

      • MarkF

        Check the added sugar content and it becomes very easy to get used to.

  • Pissedoffyouth

    I used to drink woodstock’s but now just stick to beer or jack with coke I mix myself.

    Lots and lots of adults drink Woodies, G&T’s, all sorts of mixes its not just the kids

    As a parent though wouldn’t you want your 16 year old kid to bring a 4 pack of 5% cruisers, than go with nothing and drink a friends vodka til they passed out?

  • Col

    As I said Russia seems to drink a lot of Vodka, is there something someone is not telling us. Wait for it Sex and booze!!!!!!

  • Michael

    A 1 litre bottle of cheap Vodka can be had for $25. About 400mls of pure alcohol.

    A 12 pack of Vodka cruisers is also about $25. But only 240mls of pure alcohol in 3 litres of drink.

    Rhetorical question: Which one you would rather kids were buying?

    • Naylor

      Kids hang around in packs and will happily get a pack of vodka cruisers because they can each have a can and pretend they’re cool. RTD producers know this and exploit this. They have no shame..

    • kehua

      That is just it Michael, the kids are not dumb they buy both, preload at home and then hit Town pissed but with the sugar in their system they can then go through 7/8 cruisers til they fall over . And fall over they do , if they are fortunate their mates will take them to A & E, if they are unfortunate and female they just get abused and used. Not pretty at all.

  • LionKing

    Seriously, labeling an alcohol product as ‘cup-cakes’ and sponsoring Cleo bachelor of the year is just asking for a whipping from Government. Every anti-alcohol group will use this as yet another example of how alcohol manufacturers making RTDs need more restrictions. Looks like an own goal for them. Silly boys.

  • DLM

    It would be fun to watch the PR person for Independent Liquor try and tell us that the Cleo bachelor lad featured is clearly targeted towards 25 yr old woman. Maybe cougars, but seriously its all about positioning and brand recognition for the young female generation.

    What’s the bet the voluntary industry code is a back-room deal and nothing to be worried about for the booze barons. Judith Collins or whoever is in charge of booze legislation now should see it isn’t worth the paper its written on.