RTDs targeting kids in Government Crosshairs


Sometimes you?ve really got to wonder. By now you?d think most businesses in the tobacco, booze and food industries would realise that there?s millions of taxpayer dollars being doled out to troughers who want more restrictions, bans and tax hikes placed on the products these businesses produce.

Some just don?t learn.

Even this morning I ran a post about?Troughers Eyeing Up New Targets, showing that Universities have dived into the public trough over sugary drinks.

There were also posts about?Len Now Has Booze Problems, and how the promotion of alco-pops RTDs is targeted towards the youth market ? obviously a deep concern for the Mayor.

You?ll then hear the usual bleating from the likes of RTD pushers Independent Liquor saying that they?ve just introduced a?Voluntary Industry Code for RTDs?and;


Mmm let?s see how that?s going to work for them when that very same company, banging on to the Government about how responsible they are, is actually out there doing things like sponsoring the?CLEO (Vodka) CRUISER Bachelor of the Year. To support Independent Liquor?s Cleo (Vodka) CRUISER Bachelor promotion, if you buy 2 packs of (Vodka) CRUISER you get a FREE Cleo mag. Even Cactus Kate would be offended at the offer.

Then again, maybe enticing kids with ?Whipped Coconut Ice? and ?Whipped Cupcake? is a more appropriate strategy.


Maybe these are the preferred product of choice for Independent Liquor sponsored and pinko blogger David Farrar.

Whatever the case,? attempting to say that ?you’re demonstrating our ability to manage the products…with the social outcomes we all seek, including the Government? when you?re promoting RTDs like this is only going to end badly.

And thanks to the tip-line there?s plenty more examples.