Ruataniwha Dam on The Nation

The Nation covered the donneybrook in the Hawkes Bay over the proposed dodgy Ruataniwha dam.

The arrogance of local ratbag Fenton Wilson interrupted, rolled his eyes, shook his head, mocked and laughed…says it all really.

It was a disgusting bully boy display by Fenton Wilson.

He finally admitted that Ruataniwha is just the beginning with plans to dam the Ngaruroro River.

When you have Fish and Game and Growers working together that says more than the bully boy tactics of the Regional Council.

Word is that the local Maori are engaging now.

Conor English raised a good point about the waste treatment plants that aren’t up to scratch, chucking millions at a dam and not fixing the waste water plants shows how out of touch the Regional Council is.